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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dextris on Android

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Do not focus on your squares. Instead, look towards to the top of your screen to see what type of obstacles must be avoided. Either move or split your squares based on the arrangement of spikes that appear.

Diamonds vary in size. Small diamonds can be avoided by dodging them to the left or right. Large diamonds must be bypassed by splitting your blocks to move around them.

Instead of tapping the center of the screen, just release your finger.

When large spikes fall down, move left, right, or remain in the center as required. Always watch the top of the screen to give you enough time to anticipate the correct direction and position to use. However, before moving to evade the next set of spikes, make sure you are clear from hitting your current obstacles. There are four basic ways to avoid spikes: moving your blocks to the left then moving to the right (and vice versa); splitting your blocks apart; and remaining in the center. They key to success is timing those four moves based on the pattern of spikes that must be avoided.

Every ten points scored will increase the speed of the game. This will change the pace and timing used to avoid all obstacles.

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