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Android - Deadwalk: The Last War screenshot

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Deadwalk: The Last War

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Deadwalk: The Last War on Android

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Points of interest in unexplored areas are designated by a red exclamation mark. You can find items or enemies at those locations. Approach them with your squad to either collect the items or fight zombies. Take out as many zombies as possible to earn more experience. The next group of exclamation marks will not appear until you clear out the previous set.

Resource tiles appear on the world map. You must use a squad to gather their resources. You just need to wait on those tiles to collect their resources.

Tap the "Go Back" button at the top left at any time during a mission to return to the base camp menu. This allows you to train new soldiers and heal any hurt troops. There is no need to enter a battle unprepared. When you return to the previous area you will be where you left off. Note: You will lose your progress when you enter a new area.

Tap the silver box marked with the red star on the left side of the main menu to collect a bonus, which can be food or gold. It has a cooldown that depends on how large of a reward you received. Try to collect the bonus as often as possible.


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