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Dawn Of The Immortals

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dawn Of The Immortals on Android

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Turn on auto-battle mode and allow your character to go to the battlefield and slay as many enemies as possible. Disable your device's auto lock mode to allow it to continue farming experience and treasure automatically. You can also automate the most of a quest. When in an active quest, tap the quest ma,e to send your character walking to it automatically. When in battles, tap the "Auto Battle" button to let your character do everything automatically except for healing. Do not do this against top tier enemies. To heal, tap the potion icon while the auto battle is in progress. Your character will still perform both regular and special attacks automatically.

There are various ways to improve your pet, as well as your equipment. By enhancing them you will be able to participate in more difficult battles. You can embed and enhance to boost certain pieces of equipment. You can also reforge to get a statistical balance on a piece of equipment. When transferring, this will allow you to move stat boost back and forth between equipment pieces. You can also fuse by merging two items, as well as gems, together.

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