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Dancing Line

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dancing Line on Android

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For the many part, your taps will regularly compare with the beat of the music. Frequently, however, the level will begin to leave sync with the tune if you play a lot of times in a row, particularly on The Chaos level. To repair this, revoke the level into the level select screen then select the level once again, unless you wish to play a various level.

Even though the taps will normally match up with the music, frequently they will just go entirely off-kilter. This isn't really assisted by the truth that numerous paths can emerge in some levels, requiring you to take a look at the paths and find out which direction you wish to go, regardless of the music that is playing in the background.

Explore playing the game with the music on and off in order to see which mode you can score higher in. If the music is sidetracking, then turning the music off can result in far higher ratings just by viewing the motion of your cube and finding out where it's going to go from your eyes alone.

Cubes are the game's type of energy, with each play of a level costing one cube. Tap on the remaining cubes and you will have 3 choices for renewing them. You can use 24-hour infinite cubes or you can buy 50 of them at a time. You can watch an ad video for free cubes. Once the video is done playing, you will earn fifteen cubes free of charge.

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