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Damn Daniel

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Damn Daniel on Android

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Watch video advertisements after each attempt to earn 20 coins. You can spend them to unlock new outfits for Daniel.

Do not jump early. Be patient and wait momentarily to see where the platforms change. Because you will not know where platforms will end up, wait for them to shift before you jump. However, do not wait too long to avoid running off the platform. Focus on the left side of the screen to get better jump easier and get some space to see the upcoming layout. Examine the platforms. They consist of groups of very small blocks. Use this to help you judge your jumps. Wait until Daniel reaches the last block of a platform before jumping. When platforms drop down and another platform rises, you may be tempted to jump before you reach the art where the platforms begin to lower. If you do this you will miss the jump. Instead, follow the platform to the very last block then jump. Although the lowered platform makes it seem you will not be successful, you will have a horizontal advantage. Daniel does not jump very far ahead, but can jump very high.

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