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Daddy Long Legs

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Daddy Long Legs on Android

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Keep your momentum towards the left side, with head in the middle and towards the back. This will increase your stability. Simply lean back and allow your head to hang back slightly and your legs to go out a bit further than usual.

Large leaps will probably throw you off balance. Instead, use small steps in a steady rhythm to move.

Do not wait too long to switch legs or your back leg may stick in the ground. Then when you try to move it forward, it will hit the ground and stop.

You'll get more stability if you keep leaning back a little bit. Let your head hang back and let your legs go out a little farther than usual.

However, don't try making giant leaps as well as they will throw your whole balance off.

Don't wait too long to switch legs or back lag will be stuck and you'll fall.

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