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Corridor Z

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Corridor Z on Android

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Play with sound and listen for the hissing sound that indicates when weapon and rations are available. The hissing is from the lit flares next to both of those types of items. Weapons will have a red glow and rations have an orange glow. Less important, are Jill's diary pages which are indicated by a blue glow and a beeping sound.

The closer the zombies are to you, the higher the chance you can get a headshot with the pistol, which will instantly kill it. You can increase the chance of a headshot by upgrading the pistol at the armory on the main menu. It costs rations to upgrade your weapons. After reaching classroom 3, you will have access to the shotgun. It will result in a headshot on all three zombies when fired at them directly behind you. Save the shotgun for emergency situations.

After entering the cafeteria, you will encounter a random Boss, which is usually the lunch lady. She is slightly faster than normal zombies. Do not miss any objects to throw down and shoot her at every opportunity chance to bring down her health. You will be rewarded with 50 rations for defeating her.

Missing a turn will end your run. When you see a green glow, it indicates that a turn sign is present. Immediately after finding one, swipe to turn. You cannot make that move too early.

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