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Cooking Dash 2016

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Cooking Dash 2016 on Android

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Flo can carry two items at once. You can save time by making sure she is carrying everything that is currently needed instead of making two trips. Tap on one action after another to queue them up. Flo will complete the first item, the move on to the next one. You can queue up to about five actions, however because they cannot be canceled be careful not to make any mistakes. If you have more customers than you can handle, leave their tip on the table. This will allow you a short breather, as a new customer will not show up until the tip is collected.

Make sure your Prep Chef is back-stocked with all possible cuts of vegetables or breaded meats needed for the fryer. If a certain menu item seems popular, have him cut get ingredients for those ready. Have a constant flow from the Prep Chef to you, then to the appliances, and to the customer.

Even if there are no current customers, keep items prepared on the grill. The faster you are able serve your customers, the larger their tip. However, make sure you do not overcook the food and end up burning it. Each customer has a bar that starts out in the green and drops over time. The longer that bar decreases, the less money they will pay when served. If you let the bar disappears completely, they will leave. Always give priority to customers who have been waiting the longest.

Each level has up to five stars that can be earned. The more money earned, the more stars are awarded. If you earn all five stars on a level, you will also receive a special bonus which usually is gold bars, the game's premium currency. Gold bars are also earned after leveling and are spent for kitchen upgrades.

Upgrade your grill to open more spaces and increase your food production. Always consider upgrading the kitchen first before other areas. Upgrading food will result in more coins for that particular dish. Upgrading your decor allows your customers to remain patient longer.

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