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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Colossatron on Android

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To fully conquer a country, you must complete four stages. The first three are typically easier that involve completing a specific objective. The final stage of each country is the capital, and is more challenging. To win easily, allow your Colossatron to lose all its parts to make its head explode. You will be given the choice to begin the stage again or spend two Prism to rebuild it immediately. Pay the Prism cost and the stage will be automatically completed.

Always collect PowerCores, the glowing objects that appear occasionally, as soon as possible. PowerCores can be combined to get advanced benefits. Combining PowerCores of the same color will result in powerful weapons. Combining different colors will create special PowerCores (for example, the repair drone from combining red and blue PowerCores. To unlock more PowerCores and make sure they always appear during each level, you must use fifteen Prisms. There are six special PowerCores: Cluster Bombs, Flame Thrower, Laser Beam, Plasma Cannon, Ice Cannon, and Repair Drones. Use them as soon as possible to gain an advantage.

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