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CastleStorm: Free To Siege

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for CastleStorm: Free To Siege on Android

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Your skill with the ballista is very important. Practice so that you can shoot it quickly and accurately. Make sure to zoom in if you need to get headshots.

Tip 1: When assaulting castles appoint a couple of ground soldiers as wellsince they can keep defenses off your back so your ballista can do powerful damage.

Tip 2: Shoot even more at the bottom of a castle you are assaulting.

Tip 3: Enhancers are time-based weapons that can clear the playing field for you and you'll get a free one-time use from every one, however after that, you'll have to spend for even more making use of gems that you gathered.

Tip 4: Constantly make sure your ballista initially between takes given that it's your main line of defense.

Tip 5: Attempt to score headshots on the soldiers if you can.

Tip 6: Getting 3 stars whenever must be an actual objective as they open incentive difficulties where you can make additional stars, in addition to gold and gems.

Tip 7: Go with the VIP bundle if you require to buy anything. This supplies you with a couple of sufficient benefits each week for the exact same rate, consisting of different coins, gems and other products. If you favor to invest, it's the finest way to go.

Preview the next level before purchasing power-ups. Some levels restrict your ballista, troops or spells and spending gold to improve them may be a waste of money.

Use Sir Gareth sparingly, as he is only available for a limited time. He is very effective at eliminating enemy ground forces because he is controlled directly. Use him only in times of great need, as when when the enemy has your flag or during the final push at your enemy's castle.

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