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Battle Of Zombies

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Battle Of Zombies on Android

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Log in as often as possible when first starting. Your base will be under protection during this time, and use this time to strengthen it as much as possible. Use the gems you start with to speed up construction. However, make sure you have available resources before spending the gems. Start by upgrading your resource producing buildings, with the Wind Generator being the main priority and then the Toxin Towers. Maximize those towers early to have the resources to build your base. Attack bases in Campaign mode for resources, and not star ranks, to develop your starting base. You can also complete missions to progress through the required steps to build up your base. The Crypt and Town Hall should be the next structures to be upgraded after resource buildings and the storage space. Build the University to increase the quality of your troops. Protect your resource storage and defenses, but not necessarily your Town Hall. If you lose battles, you will return under protection again and have the opportunity to build your resources again. After you attack other players, focus on gaining resources. Minimize the resources you spend on training your troops and send the minimum troops required to get what you want.

The Crypt is used to train troops. The higher the level of the Crypt, the more types of troops you have available and the more of them you can train. The Obelisk is where your troops are stored. The higher its level, the more total troops you can have. The best early troop combination to use is the Burglar and the Soldier. Send in a few Soldiers to draw fire from your opponent, then send in a set of Burglars to get as many resources as possible before the battle ends. After unlocking the Fatso, partner them with the Burglars instead of the Soliders. When going for more starts, use Fatso and Throwers along with some Bombers to go through the walls easily. If possible, add a few Bombardiers and Fire Starters. However, training the cheapest troops to win at the lowest cost is the best way to maximize your profits.

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