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Battle Breakers

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Battle Breakers on Android

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The bosses in Battle Breakers have more health making them more difficult to beat. Therefore, the best strategy to defeat them is to first focus on taking out all their minions so you don't have 6 enemies dealing damage to your team and then concentrate on taking down the boss.

After you have completed the tutorial in Battle Breakers you will have to choose one of three Super Rare heroes. Although all three characters have solid skills and abilities in the area they specialise in it is important that you select the type of character that best suits your game style.

If you attack with heroes whose element matches the colour of the crystals on the field your character will recieve a boost in damage and also recover health and mana.

You will also unlock buildings as you progress in Battle Breakers. Make sure that whenever you do unlock a new building you construct it so you can take advantage of the benefits it gives, these will include increasing your storage space, leveling up heroes to their new level cap, and regular free rewards.

Whenever you get your hands on a hammer be sure to use it to break a crystal and get a new hero. If you are lucky the hero you get may help you create a more balanced or more powerful team.

As you progress in Battle Breakers you will unlock heroes, they will be rewarded for completing specific stages in the game, reaching specific levels or as various daily rewards. The easiest but most expensive way to unlock heroes is by visiting the in-app Shop and spending diamonds. Heroes can be gained as rewards by purchasing a a Premium Pass, participating in the special events, and from the Skybreaker which will reward you with heroes when you reach certain milestones on each map.

This is a permanent challenge that opens up for new or returning players and stays open for two weeks after which it will disappear from your account. The event consists of 8 challenge stages that will enable you to earn useful rewards that will help you progress quicker in Battle Breakers. These first-time rewards are as follows.

Round 1: 5k XP
Round 2: 100K Gold
Round 3: 5 Minor Strength Elixer and 5 Minor Health Elixer
Round 4: Bronze Hero Crystal
Round 5: 2 Shimmering Nature, Fire, and Water Essence
Round 6: 3 Major Strengh and 3 Major Health Elixer
Round 7: Silver Hero Crystal
Round 8: Silver Hero Crystal and 300 Gems

Listed above are the guaranteed rewards, each round will also drop loot that includes gold and EX points.

Each hero in Battle Breakers has a star rating which indicates how powerful that character is. One star heroes are the weakest while six star heroes are the most powerful. As you progress through the game you will unlock new heroes that you can add to your team. Make sure that the ones you choose are those with the highest star counts. You need to pay attention to your formation, ideally you should place melee units in the frontline and magic or ranged characters in the backline.

If you find you are unable to progress in Battle Breakers you may need to increase your heroes' levels to make them stronger. One way to do this is to set the game on auto battle and play and replay previous stages.

Always check the 'Events' tab in Battle Breakers so you can keep an eye on the special events that are currently available in order to take advantage of all the freebies offered.

Earning XP points in Battle Breakers is not easy and you should not waste them on elixirs early on. It is more beneficial to invest them on upgrading your top heroes, the ones you regularly use in battle. These heroes will be the ones that you have with the highest number of stars and rarity.

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