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Constantly keep an eye out for sparkly things on the ground when you are running through the open fields. These are materials you can gather, which can be later on cost Git at the blacksmith stores. Selling particular materials will unlock new weapons and armor for purchase at the stores. This is the way to get much better equipment, so get as lots of materials as you can!

When you are about to enter a boss fight, the game will caution you. If you are having difficulties with a specific boss, keep in mind that Another Eden is, at its core, a standard Japanese RPG. You can just grind it out and combat random enemies up until you level up for much better stats. Do not forget your Low Class scrolls too! Make sure you are leveling everybody's boards up. You get irreversible stat boosts and unlock new abilities each time you bear down the board. A party member gets one AP everytime they level up, so do not forget it. Make certain your equipment is all as much as date. Unique equipment is not constantly the very best equipment, although it is normally the most affordable. You might wish to spring for much better equipment to survive hard battles.

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In every field map lies Horrors, relentless monsters that are normally 3 times the level as the regular monsters on that field map. On your very first time through a new zone, you will most likely be too low level to take them on, however when you are powered up later on in the game, you should review earlier zones and handle the Horrors. They supply a lot of XP and they can drop rare products! Something to note is that Horrors are frequently securing chests consisting of great things. Typically you would need to battle them, however with some deftness you may be able to deceive the Horrors. The screen will turn red and they will start to chase you when you get close to a Horror. You can draw a Horror out of its normal position and then get the chest if you have adequate space. Make certain you have an escape!

Party members who are not a part of the cutting edge however remain in the active party are thought about to be "reserve". When a party member remains in reserve, they will restore HP and MP each time a turn is taken in battle, so make sure to let a few of your party members rest for a bit while the others keep battling. This works for surviving long dungeons without needing to teleport back to an inn to rest.

Each party member has a special capability called a "Valor Chant". Valor Chants are party-wide enthusiasts that trigger whenever the party members is changed back into the cutting edge. These enthusiasts can range from increased resistances to higher attack power, however the one caution is that these Valor Chant enthusiasts typically just last for a turn or 2. It might help to buff right prior to you do so to enhance the effect if you are about to launch an effective attack with your whole party. Valor Chant enthusiasts need some exact timing, however they can turn the tide of battle for you!

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