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Animal Voyage: Island Adventure

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Animal Voyage: Island Adventure on Android

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There are three types of currency available.

Regular currency that is used to purchase decorations, plant food, travelling to islands, etc. Obtained by completing quests and from the animal's houses on your main island.

Premium currency used to many things, but most importantly to to progress the game by completing essential tasks. Obtained by completing certain quests or in treasure boxes exposed when you clear vegetation.

Spent to expand territory and complete missions. Obtained by completing quests or cleareing out trees or grass.

Always plant food. Because it never withers, you can leave it there as long as needed. Food is needed to give your animals energy.

To rescue animals, complete match three games and collect the required number of items. Start matching sets of symbols at the bottom. This increases the chance of creating new chains. Because your moves are limited in number, plan ahead to get them all. Do not spend crystals for extra moves.

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