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Alto's Adventure

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Alto's Adventure on Android

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On each Alto's Adventure level you have three goals to complete. Some of the goals must be complete in one run, while others can span multiple runs.

You can focus on a single goal, but it is better to focus on two goals that you can easily hit in a single run. Avoid trying to link up length or coin goals with double or triple backflip goals.

Instead make sure that you link up collecting llamas, scaring birds, surviving a rainstorm, traveling through forests, collecting coins and grinding goals.

You can link up backflip goals and point combo goals, but make sure you donít get greedy and crash a backflip before you hit the point goal.

The game shows the current goals when you start a run, and you can pause to see the goals mid-run and to see your progress. When you achieve a goal it will flash on-screen.

In recent updates you can now buy a Helmet or a Chasm rescue pick axe that will save you from a crash and from a chasm. You should buy these when you have spare coins so that you can keep going if you need to hit several backflip goals, a length goal and other tricky challenges. You'll find them in the store. You can also buy a Llama horn that will show up as you snowboard through the map. When you hit it, you will see a stampede of llamas coming at you and this can help with a llama based goal.

Eventually you will reach a wide chasm that is tough to cross or you will get sick of missing the top big coin or a magnet and learn how to jump.

You need to build up speed before a jump by pulling off a trick or sliding on ice. If you are too slow, the best timed jumps wonít help you. Once you have some speed you need to time your jumps so that you leave the ramp before the end. Itís about finding the sweet spot in the middle of the ramp where you need to launch from.

Remember that you don't charge up for a jump, as soon as you tap, you jump. spend a few runs just practicing getting the most air on every jump you can. After fifteen minutes you'll know when to tap, and when to wait.

You need to complete tricks to gain speed. This is a great way to go farther in the game. Every time you land a backflip or a grind you will speed up. If you know a ramp or a jump is coming up, and you are using a character with a fast backflip, use that to get more speed before the jump.


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