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Aeon Command

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Aeon Command on Android

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The easiest way to farm gears is to start a Skirmish game as Alliance vs Alliance, in Close mode, under the Hard difficulty setting. At the start, use Miners until you hit the unit limit. Then, upgrade Fighter Hull and Weapon to level 2. Next, use Fighters until you win. Help your Fighters with Repair and disable enemy units with EMP when possible. You should win a Skirmish game in about two minutes, and earn 5 gears in addition to those found on the battlefield when you kill an enemy unit.

Play the final Exile campaign level repeatedly. Build miners until you reach the limit, then upgrade the rocketeer's weapon and armor to level 2. Finally, create rocketeers until you win.

"Battle Royal" is the last level of the Exile campaign. Maximize your Miner. Purchase the Rocketeer. Upgrade the Rocketeer to Weapon 2 and Hull 2. Build 10 Rocketeers. Upgrade the Rocketeers to Weapon 3 and Hull 3. Keep using Rocketeers until you win.

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