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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mazer on 3DO

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Press A, A, C, A, B. This code must be executed in a two player game. When activated, the words "Blood Feud" appears on the screen, no additional drones are launched after the initial three for the preview, and the boss is never launched. The last player alive wins the match and gets the points for the "Boss Kill" for a normal level. Each round lasts forty-five seconds. If time runs out, both players lose a life. A new round begins each time a player is killed until one of the players has no lives left. | Submitted by Syndish

Press LS + C during the demo loop to access the game settings (difficulty and blood), as well as game credits and hardware tests for the joypads. | Submitted by Syndish

Press C, B, B, A, A, C. This code must be executed by a non-active player in a one player game on the second control pad. When activated, the words "Px BE THE BOSS" appear on the screen, where x is the non-active player. In a level with drones, the non-active player controls a single drone as if it were a player character. The controlled drone is very bright compared to the other drones. Control switches to a new drone if it dies or if the non-active player presses the C. When the boss is launched, the non-active player is in control of it. Note that turbo can be used but it slowly eats away at the boss' hit points. | Submitted by Syndish

Hold Turbo when attacking to knock the boss back when using a missile attack. All attacks do double damage when holding the Turbo button. Hitting Shield and Turbo at the same time will produce a "turbo shield" that blasts all creatures in the immediate vicinity.

The most effective attack is the "turbo charge", which is accomplished by Turbo running at your opponent and hitting attack just outside of close attack range. This will knock both boss and human targets further across the screen than a regular close attack, as well as doing massive damage.

To get a better view in one of the maze levels, Turbo jump (press Turbo and Jump at the same time). This will zoom out the screen and provide and overview of the maze. Wile in the maze bonus round, any health turbo, or shield energy that is lost is returned at the end of the round.

Here is some advice to get you by each level.

The Sand
Lure your character's opponents into the mines to damage or destroy them.

The Reactor
Jump into the water and shoot at the boss. Your character can not be hit as easily when in the water. Note that damage will slowly accrue from the water. The missiles can be jumped over using a regular jump.

The Volcano
Once the floater drones start strafing your character, they can not change direction for a while. The boss will not walk through the fire that appears when a player stands too long on one of the rock "patches".

The Cyborgs
Destroy the cannons in the walls for extra power-ups (SuperShield, RapidFire, and TriAttack). This can be accomplished by running into them with the shield. Save all of the humans as quickly as possible, otherwise their stasis capsules will turn red and they will become "super" cyborgs that run at turbo speed and can knock down the player.

The Showdown
Jump on the second level and hide behind the energizer while shooting it. Doing this will allow your character to avoid fighting the floater drones (which are very tough to defeat on this level) while attempting to destroy the energizer. The Semag boss is most easily defeated by forcing him against a wall and continually hammering him with a close attack. | Submitted by Syndish

Press B, C, A, C, A, C. The player will receive thirty rounds of Rapid Fire power. | Submitted by Syndish

The codes must be entered during the level preview (while the energizer beams in and before the player is beamed into the level). None of the codes will work in the maze bonus round levels. | Submitted by Syndish

Press C, A, B, A, B. The player will receive one SuperShield. | Submitted by Syndish

Press B, A, C, C, B, A. The player will receive thirty rounds of Triple Attack power. | Submitted by Syndish

Press A, C, C, A, B, B. This code gives the player a full power-up on all normal abilities except for Turbo, which is doubled. Every time the player picks up any power-up, double Turbo will be regained until the round ends or the player is killed. | Submitted by Syndish

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