Train Sim World 4 (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
1938Stock: Baker's VicenaryComplete 20 services driving the 1938 stock.30
1938Stock: Elementary My Dear WatsonComplete the 'Blast From The Past' scenario.10
1938Stock: Live (38) StockComplete the 1938 Heritage Tube Stock Introduction training module.10
ALV: Action!Complete Scenario 'Impossible Mission' on Antelope.15
ALV: FreshmanComplete EMD F125 Training Module.10
ALV: West Coast RailroaderDrive EMD F125 for 125 miles.25
ARL: Alpine PerformanceComplete all scenarios on Arosa Line.10
ARL: Born to RideRode as a passenger for 20 km on Arosa Line.20
BCC: Bostin'!Successfully completed the Class 323 Training Module.10
BCC: Brum Brummmmm!Operate the BR Class 323 for 32.3 miles.20
BCC: Teddy Bear's PicnicCollect all of the route tasks on Birmingham Cross-City.20
BLE: Mountainous AchievementComplete all scenarios on TSW4: Bernina Line.10
BLE: Tick-tock-tasticReach Loco Level 10 in the RhB Allegra.10
BLE: Welcome to the Land of the MountainsComplete the RhB Allegra Introduction training module.5
BR 101: Battling the BahnComplete the DB BR 101 scenario 'All Together'.10
BR 101: Boss of the BahnOperate the DB BR 101 for 101 kilometres.30
BR 101: The PerfectionistComplete the DB BR 101 Introduction training module.10
BR 182: Blink and You'll Miss ItOperate the Dispolok BR 182 for 182 kilometers.30
BR 182: Carry Me HomeSuccessfully complete the Dispolok BR 182 Tutorial.10
BR 182: Locked DownComplete the Dispolok 182 scenario 'Gaining Mass'.10
BR 187: A Long First TripComplete the DB BR 187 scenario 'From Aachen to Ehrenfeld'.10
BR 187: Welcome to Life on the BR 187Complete the DB BR 187 introduction training module.10
BR 187: What a Haul!Operate the DB BR 187 for 500 kilometres.30
BR 204: Dedicated ShunterOperate the BR 204 for 204 kilometres.30
BR 204: Push and Pull StarterComplete the BR 204 Introduction training module.10
BR 204: Shunting MagnificenceComplete the BR 204 scenario Hafenbahnhof Order.10
BR 363: Building ExperienceComplete the DB BR 363 scenario 'Cement Mixer'.10
BR 363: Show Me the WayComplete the DB BR 363 Introduction training module.10
BR 363: WorkhorseOperate the DB BR 363 for 363 kilometres.30
BR155: Power FullComplete the BR 155 Introduction tutorial.10
BR155: Power GridComplete 15 services using the BR 155.20
BR155: Power UpReach Loco Level 10 in the BR 155.20
BR182: Sprint 182Reach a speed of 100kmh in the BR 182.10
BR182: Training DayComplete the BR 182 Introduction tutorial.10
BR182: True TaurusOperate the BR 182 a distance of 1820km.30
BR422: Wuppertal CommuterOperate the DB BR422 for 422 kilometres.20
BRO: Are you not n-tertained?Operate the n-Wagen for 46.3 kilometers.20
BRO: BROfessorSuccessfully complete the BR 110 Training Module.10
BRO: Hot off the Press!Operate the PRESS BR 155 for 150 kilometers.20
C40-8W: C40 MilesOperate the C40-8W for 40 miles.30
C40-8W: Introduction CompleteComplete the C40-8W Introduction training module.10
C40-8W: Snow BoardingComplete the C40-8W scenario 'Slippy Descent'.10
CC: Many Years of ServiceComplete 20 services on Cane Creek.20
CC: Serves all the WestComplete all scenarios on Cane Creek.20
CC: Welcome to the Rail WorldComplete all training modules on Cane Creek.10
CCL: 314 MasterComplete all training modules on Cathcart Circle Line.10
CCL: Cruising the ClydeComplete 50 services on Cathcart Circle Line.20
CCL: Getting DizzyComplete all scenarios on Cathcart Circle Line.20
CJP: Passing GradeComplete all training modules on Cajon Pass.10
CJP: San AndreasComplete all scenarios on Cajon Pass.15
CJP: Taco Tuesday!Complete all route tasks on Cajon Pass.25
CL08: Gronk GeniusComplete the Class 08 Introduction tutorial.10
CL20: Chopper Non-StopperOperate the Class 20 for 200 miles.30
CL20: Tees Yard Turn AroundComplete the Class 20 scenario Chopper and Change.10
CL20: Type 1 TopperComplete the Class 20 Introduction training module.10
CL313: Feeling ElectricComplete the Southern BR Class 313 Introduction training module.10
CL313: Line RiderOperate the Southern BR Class 313 for 100 miles.30
CL313: Lonely RoadComplete the Southern BR Class 313 scenario 'Far Reaches'.10
CL31: Blue StarComplete the BR Class 31 Introduction.10
CL31: Cemented SkillsetComplete 15 services using the BR Class 31.20
CL31: Extended RangeOperate the BR Class 31 for 310 miles.20
CL40: Whistle While you WorkOperate the Class 40 for 400 miles.30
CL40: Whistler WizardComplete the Class 40 Introduction tutorial.10
CL465: Network ExpansionComplete the Class 465 scenario 'Temporary Contract'.10
CL465: To the Capital!Operate the Class 465 for 200 miles.30
CL465: Training CompleteComplete the Class 465 Introduction training module.10
CL52: Class of '52Complete the Class 52 Introduction tutorial.10
CL52: Hydraulic HeavenComplete 15 services using the Class 52.20
CL52: Western RegionOperate the Class 52 a distance of 520 miles.20
CRR: Clinchfield CompletionistComplete all scenarios on Clinchfield Railroad.20
CRR: Conquering ClinchfieldComplete all training modules on Clinchfield Railroad.10
CRR: Mastering the MountainsComplete 20 services on Clinchfield Railroad.20
Class 33: BluejacketComplete the Minehead Mariner scenario.10
Class 33: Crompton CruiserOperate the Class 33 for 330 miles.30
Class 33: Straight Outta CromptonComplete the Class 33 Introduction tutorial.10
Class 45: Revv'd upComplete the Diesel Locomotives Introduction tutorial.10
DB66: Clean SweepSuccessfully completed the DB Class 66 Tutorial.10
DB66: Mr SparkleOperate the DB Class 66 for 66 miles.30
DB66: Spray and PlayComplete the DB Class 66 RHTT scenario 'Dawn of the Shed'.10
DCZ: Fuelled and ChargedComplete all training modules for Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz.10
DCZ: Moving MountainsComplete all scenarios on Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz.20
DCZ: SouthsideReach Route Level 20 on Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz.20
DRA: AlleskönnerComplete all the training modules on Nahverkehr Dresden.10
DRA: Having FünfComplete all the scenarios on Nahverkehr Dresden.20
DRA: Inc-RadebeulReach Route Level 20 on Nahverkehr Dresden.20
ECW: An Electric StarComplete all training modules on East Coastway.10
ECW: Situational AwarenessComplete all scenarios on East Coastway.20
ECW: Southern ServantComplete 100 services on East Coastway.20
EDN: A braw startComplete the Class 385 Introduction training module.10
EDN: Pure Class (385)Reach Loco Level 10 in the Class 385.20
EDN: Pure Dead BrilliantComplete all scenarios on ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow.20
F40PH: Four One FiveOperate the F40PH-2CAT for 400 miles (643.738 km)20
FSCT: CentenaryComplete Flying Scotsman Training Module.10
FSCT: Making HistoryComplete Scenario 'Re-Record' on Flying Scotsman.15
FSCT: Record Breaker!Reach 100 mph in Flying Scotsman.25
GE 44 II : In it for the long haulOperate the GE 44 II for 100 km.20
GWB: Clocking OutComplete Diesel Legends of the Great Western scenario 'All Change'.30
GWB: Go WesternComplete the GWB Class 52 Introduction training module.10
GWB: Moving up a GearComplete the GWB Class 101 Introduction training module.10
GWE: Cross CountryOperated the Class 43 HST for 430 miles.30
GWE: Peak PerformanceSuccessfully completed all scenarios.10
GWE: Qualified DriverSuccessfully completed all introduction tutorials.10
HAR: A Fine LineComplete the M3A training module.10
HAR: Grand AppearanceComplete the M7A training module.10
HAR: Harlem Mover and ShakerReach Route Level 20 on Harlem Line: Grand Central Terminal - North White Plains.30
HBK: Experienced DriverComplete all scenarios on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck.20
HBK: From City to CoastComplete 50 services on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck.20
HBK: Ready to RideComplete all training modules on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck.10
HDX: Coins for ConnorCollect all the chocolate coins on Holiday Express.20
HDX: If the pointy shoe fitsComplete the Try Hard scenario on Holiday Express.10
HDX: Season’s GreetingsComplete all scenarios on Holiday Express.20
HRR: Building a BackgroundComplete all scenarios on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr.20
HRR: Certified ProComplete all training modules on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr.10
HRR: Radiant RuhrReach Route Level 20 on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr.20
HSC: Collection Finished!Collect all of the route tasks on Horseshoe Curve.30
HSC: GEVO Training CompleteComplete the ES44AC training module.10
HSC: Geep Training CompleteComplete the GP38-2 training module.10
ICE3: Thawed OutOperate the ICE3 for 300 kilometres.20
IOW: Island GoldComplete 20 services on Isle of Wight.20
IOW: On the Wight TrackComplete all scenarios on Isle of Wight.10
IOW: Pack RatCollect all route tasks on Isle of Wight.20
KWG: Cool as ICEComplete all training modules on Kassel Wurzburg.10
KWG: ICEd OutComplete all route tasks on Kassel Wurzburg.25
KWG: King of the KasselComplete all scenarios on Kassel Wurzburg.15
LBN: Bright StarComplete all training modules on London Commuter.10
LBN: Gatwick ExpressOperate the Gatwick Express Class 387 for 387 miles.20
LBN: Pier ReviewComplete all scenarios on London Commuter.20
LFR: CuckooComplete all the route tasks on Mainz - Koblenz.20
LFR: I've got the Power!Complete the DB BR 103 training module.10
LFR:110%Operate the DB BR 110 for 110 km.20
LGV: A Great TriumphComplete all scenarios on LGV Méditerranée.20
LGV: TGV TrainedComplete all training modules on LGV Méditerranée.10
LIRR: Accessed All AreasComplete all scenarios on Long Island Rail Road.10
LIRR: Discovery IslandCollect all collectables on Long Island Rail Road.20
LIRR: Making HeadwayReach Route Level 10 on Long Island Rail Road.20
LPC: Fixing a HoleComplete all route tasks on Spirit of Steam: Liverpool - Crewe.25
LPC: Hold Your HandComplete all training modules on Spirit of Steam: Liverpool - Crewe.10
LPC: Sound Steam DriverComplete all scenarios on Spirit of Steam: Liverpool - Crewe.15
LZN: As accurate as a Swiss WatchComplete 20 services on S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern - Sursee.20
LZN: FLIRTing across the milesOperate the RABe 523 for 100 Kilometres.10
LZN: You're a Jack of all trades!Complete all scenarios on S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern - Sursee.20
M3: Budding EngineerComplete the M3 Introduction training module.10
M3: Grasping HandsComplete the M3 scenario Hicksville Handler.10
M3: Metropolitan MasterOperate the M3 for 300 miles.30
MAG: Master of MünchenComplete all training modules on Hauptstrecke München-Augsburg.10
MAG: Speeding to SuccessComplete all scenarios on Hauptstrecke München-Augsburg.20
MAIN: Desiro-bleOperate the DB BR 642 for 64.2 km.5
MAIN: HypermileComplete the "Running on Vapors" scenario on Maintalbahn.10
MAIN: SCHMETTERLING!Complete all the route tasks on Maintalbahn.10
MGP: Are you Local?Complete all the route tasks on Glossop Line.20
MGP: One for the 'GramComplete the "Gossip Line" scenario on Glossop Line.20
MGP: Sit DownComplete the Class 323 training module.10
MML: Athletic AbilitiesReach Loco Level 10 in the Class 158.20
MML: Marathon ChampionComplete all scenarios on Midland Main Line.20
MML: Running StartComplete the Class 158 Introduction training module.10
MP15DC: Becoming a ProComplete the MP15DC Introduction training module.10
MP15DC: Building StabilityComplete the MP15DC scenario Ballasting Act.10
MP15DC: Movement MasterOperate the MP15DC for 150 miles.30
MP36PH: Baby StepsOperate the MP36PH for 360 miles.30
MP36PH: Bringing the Baby BackComplete the MP36PH Baby Bullet Introduction.10
MP36PH: Left in the DarkComplete the MP36PH scenario Bay Area Breakdown.10
MSB: All in OrderComplete all scenarios on Main-Spessart Bahn.20
MSB: Clean SweepComplete 100 services on Main-Spessart Bahn.20
MSB: Trio TriumphComplete all tutorials on Main-Spessart Bahn.10
NEC BP: Full of BeansComplete all training modules on Boston - Providence.10
NEC BP: PatriotComplete all scenarios on Boston - Providence.20
NEC BP: Plant the IvyReach Route Level 20 on Boston - Providence.20
NID: From Strength to StrengthComplete all scenarios on Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel - Stockheim.20
NID: Here to stayReach Loco Level 10 in the BR 628.20
NID: Let's GoComplete the BR 628 Introduction training module.10
NTP: The Magic NumberReach Route Level 20 on Northern Trans-Pennine.20
NTP: Trans-Pennine TravellerComplete all scenarios on Northern Trans-Pennine.20
NYT: BallerComplete all the route tasks on New York - Trenton.20
NYT: Disco FriesComplete the NYE in NYC scenario on New York - Trenton.20
NYT: Jersey SureSuccessfully complete the ALP-46 training module.10
OSD: All in a Day's WorkComplete all scenarios on Oakville Subdivision.20
OSD: Master ClassComplete all training modules on Oakville Subdivision.10
OSD: Planting RootsReach Route Level 20 on Oakville Subdivision.20
PBD: Azuma MeetingComplete Azuma Class 801/2 Training Module.10
PBD: Half WayDrive Azuma Class 801/2 for 400.5 miles.25
PBD: Matching the MallardReach 126mph in the Azuma.15
PBO: Beside the SeasideComplete 40 services on Blackpool Branches.10
PBO: Pace YourselfOperate Class 142 for 142 miles.5
PBO: The Big DipperComplete all scenarios on Blackpool Branches.10
PFR: Exceedingly GoodComplete all the route tasks on Peak Forest Railway.20
PFR: Peak PerformanceComplete all the training modules on Peak Forest Railway.10
PFR: SnowComplete the "Deep Freeze" Scenario on Peak Forest Railway.20
RRO: Top of the ClassComplete all training modules on Rhein-Ruhr Osten.10
RRO: Wupper WondererComplete all scenarios on Rhein-Ruhr Osten.20
RSN: A Day on the DBComplete 50 Ruhr Sieg Nord services.20
RSN: Refurbishment CrewCollect all collectables on Ruhr Sieg Nord.20
RSN: Valley VeteranComplete all scenarios on Ruhr Sieg Nord.10
RT: Green LightCompleted the BR442 Basic Introduction.10
RT: Mass TransitCompleted 442 passenger boarding tasks.20
RT: Safety FirstAcknowledged 500 SIFA alarms.20
SEH: All RounderComplete all scenarios on Southeastern High Speed.15
SEH: Seeing PurpleComplete 100 services on Southeastern High Speed.25
SEH: Trained and ReadyComplete all training modules on Southeastern High Speed.10
SF F7: HexedOperate the SF F7 for 247 miles.30
SF F7: Smart DecoSuccessfully complete the SF F7 Tutorial.10
SF F7: Star SpangledComplete the SF F7 scenario 'Switching It Up'.10
SFJ: California CompletionistComplete all scenarios on Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose.20
SFJ: The Fog Has LiftedComplete all tutorials on Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose.10
SMH: King of the HillReach Route Level 20 on Sherman Hill.20
SMH: Old HatComplete all training modules for Sherman Hill.10
SMH: Wild BestComplete all scenarios on Sherman Hill.20
SRM: Back and ForthComplete 20 services on Salzburg - Rosenheim.10
SRM: Work EthicComplete all the route tasks on Salzburg - Rosenheim.10
SRM: You're the 111 that I wantOperate the DB BR 111 for 111 km.5
TGV: Over in a FlashOperate the TGV Duplex for 200 kilometres.20
TSW4: Achieving GoldDrive any locomotive for 50 miles.50
TSW4: ArtistCreate your first reskin in the Livery Designer.50
TSW4: CenturionDrive any locomotive for 100 miles.75
TSW4: Cunning PlanCreate your first scenario in the Scenario Planner.50
TSW4: ExhibitionistComplete a scenario using your own created livery.20
TSW4: First StepReach Driver Level 2.20
TSW4: First SuccessComplete your first scenario in Beginner Mode.20
TSW4: Gold 01Unlock 1 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 02Unlock 2 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 03Unlock 3 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 04Unlock 4 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 05Unlock 5 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 06Unlock 6 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 07Unlock 7 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 08Unlock 8 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 09Unlock 9 gold medal.5
TSW4: Gold 10Unlock 10 gold medal.5
TSW4: GraduateComplete 4 Training Modules.20
TSW4: IntuitionDrive any locomotive for 250 miles.100
TSW4: It's my first day!Complete 1 Training Module.10
TSW4: Livery Layer LeaderUse 500 layers in the Livery Designer.150
TSW4: PathfinderDrive any locomotive for 5 miles.10
TSW4: ProclaimerDrive any locomotive for 500 miles.100
TSW4: Quality AssuranceComplete 1 of your created scenarios.20
TSW4: Score!Drive any locomotive for 20 miles.20
TSW4: Setting the StandardComplete your first scenario in Standard Mode.75
TSW4: TaskmasterComplete any set of route tasks.50
TSW4: Top Link!Complete your first scenario in Expert Mode.100
TSW4: TrainspottingCapture your first photo using the Photo Mode.10
TVL: Beaming with prideComplete all scenarios on Tees Valley Line.10
TVL: Doing the right thingComplete 50 Tees Valley Line services.20
TVL: The Boro MasterReach Route Level 20 on Tees Valley Line.20
VBRG: Crossing BordersComplete Scenario 'International Rescue' on Vorarlberg.15
VBRG: Natural TalentComplete ÖBB Talent 1 Training Module.10
VBRG: The Hills are AliveComplete 10 services in the ÖBB Talent 1.25
WCL: Modern Day Cornish HundredOperate the Class 150 for 100 miles.20
WCL: Pirate KingComplete 20 services on West Cornwall Local.20
WCL: Totally Gnarly DudeComplete all scenarios on West Cornwall Local.10
WSR: Preserving HeritageCollect all collectables on West Somerset Railway.20
WSR: Summer VacationComplete all scenarios on West Somerset Railway.10
WSR: Tourist AttractionComplete 47 passenger boarding tasks.20