Tales of Arise


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Arms StockpilerForge 100 types of weapons. Such dedicated forging teaches that every weapon has good points.15
Big Game HunterSlay 20 gigants. No good adventurer can resist the temptation of fighting a great beast.15
Ceaseless ChatterboxView 300 skits. Despite all their time together, the party never runs out of things to discuss.15
Curious HobbyistObtain 20 types of non-DLC artifacts. Amassing such a big collection is nothing short of a calling.35
DilettanteObtain your first non-DLC artifact. Its strange, beguiling form never fails to shock and intrigue.15
Diligent CounterattackerPerform 100 Counter Edges. Make your enemies fear every missed blow with these retaliations.15
Elite VanguardClear Ultimate level of group training ground fights. With a party like that, who needs training?15
Encyclopedia ZeuglicaEncounter 120 types of non-DLC enemies. Careful observation is sure to reveal their weaknesses.15
Globetrotting FoodieAcquire 30 kinds of non-DLC recipes. The quest for tasty meals spans every corner of Dahna.35
Godly AnglerCatch every type of fish and show the Fishing Notes to the Fishing Expert.35
High RollerSpend 400000 gald. In this party, if something's for sale, it doesn't stay that way for long.15
Hundred-Hit SmackdownGet over 100 hits in a combo. Band together and don't let your enemies strike back.15
JewelerCraft 30 accessories. The search for the perfect balance between form and function never ends.15
Myriad MonikersLearn 400 non-DLC title skills. Fame and renown bring a slew of aliases from friend and foe alike.35
Novice RancherCollect your first harvest on the ranch. Each life taken is raised well with love and respect.15
One-Hit WonderDeal 10000 or more damage in one hit. It takes a warrior's all to deliver such a fantastic blow.15
Owl ScouterFind and report 32 owls. The forest is now starting to teem with hordes of hooting owls galore.35
Owl SpotterFind and report 13 owls. The lonely forest is beginning to show signs of feathered life.15
Peak StrengthReach level 100. Dahna's liberators now stand tall and mighty having come from rock bottom.35
Problem SolverClear 70 sub-quests. No request from the people is too hard for this party to solve.35
Rebellious SparkClear your first sub-quest. Even the lowliest spark can grow into a raging, all-consuming flame.15
Skilled AnglerCatch your first fish. More than just a fun pastime for lazy days, it's a way to find food, too.15
Speedy ChefCook your first meal. In such harsh conditions, simply staying fed is what matters most.15
Veteran RancherCollect 50 harvests on the ranch. The meat produced sustains the party and its cause.35
What's in a Name?Learn your first non-DLC title skill. Whatever you go by, that name shall become a source of power.15