Space Mercenary Defense Force (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
AriesAchieve a victory (In classic mode) and unlock the Aries Celestial Modifier.60
Astris AnnihilatorUnlock the Astris' ship perk.60
Big WinningsWin a jackpot payout from a slot machine.60
Custom CraftsPurchase and equip a ship skin.100
Double Not NothingWin a double or nothing coin toss.60
Encounters EncounteredComplete 2 encounters in a single run.60
Full ArsenalPurchase and equip an Astral Upgrade from each tier.60
GeminiUnlock the Gemini Celestial Modifier.60
Good Bad LuckWin nothing in a wheel spin.60
High AchieverFinish a victory run with a score of 500,000 or more.60
HoarderHave 20,000 credits at once.60
Maxxed OutPurchase and equip a fully upgraded Astral Upgrade.60
OverachieverFinish a victory run with a score of 1,000,000 or more.60
Prize EarningsWin a prize from a slot machine, coin toss, and wheel spin in a single run.60
TaurusUnlock the Taurus Celestial Modifier.60
That New Ship SmellPurchase and equip a new ship.60