Slave Zero X (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
"Friendly" FireUnknowingly committed Fratricide.30
Absolute SyncFully upgraded Shou's attributes.30
Ball is LifeMade the free-throw!30
Beloved by the BulletDefeated Enyo - Second of the Five Calamities.30
Both halves of hopeViewed all story scenes.15
Chosen ExecutionerCleared all levels with an 'S' rating.35
Dark HistorianUnlocked all lore.30
Fatal SyncAchieved a 50-hit combo.15
Forbidden KnowledgeDiscovered a hidden technique.30
GENERAL HERCULES J. THORMANDefeated The Iron General, Hercules J. Thorman - First of the Five Calamities.30
Getting into KnivesBomb, rope, lamp oil, you got it!30
God SpeedCompleted the game in one sitting under two hours.90
Heaven above HellsCleared Zone 6.30
Hell of Broken BodiesCleared Zone 2.15
Hell of IronCleared Zone 5.15
Hell of Many ColorsCleared Zone 3.15
Hell of Rising MistsCleared Zone 1.15
Hell of a Hundred DevilsCleared Zone 4.15
Hell's Own JudgeDefeated Regent Wuguan - Fourth of the Five Calamities.30
Hit the tatami matsEntered the training room.15
Hollow imitationOvercame Atavaka.35
How the sausage is madeTurned 20 enemies into a fine red mist.15
I like clubsGot down in the disco.15
Love Always RemainsOvercame your lover.30
MortalOvercame your enemy.90
Our BodyOvercame your ally.30
Our Finest CustomerShopped till you dropped (dead)15
Promotion DeniedDenied a man his well earned pay raise.15
Red DevilEntered the Megacity.15
Shou TimeGot an 'S' rating.30
SpectacleAchieved a 20-hit combo.15
Spell capture failed!Timed out Devil's Precipitation.90
Sword SaintParried 30 attacks.15
The Fire From HeavenDefeated Uriel - Third of the Five Calamities.30
You want it?Browsed the shop.15