Sker Ritual (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Ashes to AshesComplete the hidden objective in The Ashes of Sker Hotel.30
Bad ReceptionDefeat Isaac.30
Book of the DeadFind all lore notes in Sewers of the Dead.15
Dark SideSurvive a Dark Round without receiving damage.15
Deadly Lover's NightmareComplete Deadly Lover's Fortress on Nightmare Difficulty.30
Deadly LoversDefeat Elisabeth and Thomas.30
Dungeon CrawlerVisit every location in the Deadly Lover's Fortress.15
Fast FoodEscort the helmeted Quiet One in under two minutes.15
Guest BookFind all lore notes in The Ashes of Sker Hotel.15
Hard Times at LavernockComplete Cursed Lands of Lavernock on Hard Difficulty.30
Hard to LoveComplete Deadly Lover's Fortress on Hard Difficulty.30
Hardcore Sewer RatComplete Sewers of the Dead on Hard Difficulty.30
Hotel of Hard KnocksComplete The Ashes of Sker Hotel on Hard Difficulty.30
Inn and OutComplete The Ashes of Sker Hotel under 25 minutes.15
Lamb-baah-ghiniEscort the Lamb to slaughter in under two minutes.15
Last RitesDefeat Abraham.30
Lavernock RamblerVisit every location in the Cursed Lands of Lavernock.15
Live, Laugh, LoveComplete "Gates of the Damned Part I" without receiving damage.15
Love LettersFind all lore notes in Deadly Lover's Fortress.15
Maids of LavernockFind all the dolls in Lavernock.15
Maids of SkerFind all the dolls in Sker Hotel.15
Maids of the DeadFind all the dolls in Sewers of the Dead.15
Maids of the FortressFind all the dolls in Deadly Lover's Fortress.15
Miracle ManGet a Miracle to Legendary.15
Nightmare in the Lands of LavernockComplete Cursed Lands of Lavernock on Nightmare Difficulty.30
Nightmare of Sker HotelComplete The Ashes of Sker Hotel on Nightmare Difficulty.30
One Night StandComplete Deadly Lover's Fortress under 35 minutes.15
PerkaliciousHave all the perks activated at once.15
Radio SilenceComplete the radio tower objective without receiving damage.15
Ramblings of a MadmanFind all lore notes in Cursed Lands of Lavernock.15
Rat RaceComplete Sewers of the Dead under 35 minutes.15
Ritual of the NightmareComplete all levels including the Hidden objectives on Nightmare.70
Room ServiceVisit every location in The Ashes of Sker Hotel.15
Round RobinSurvive Round 50.30
Rounded ExperienceSurvive Round 35.15
Run Forest! Run!Complete Cursed Lands of Lavernock under 30 minutes.15
Secret LoverComplete the hidden objective in Deadly Lover's Fortress.30
Sewer RatVisit every location in the Sewers of the Dead.15
Sewers of NightmareComplete Sewers of the Dead on Nightmare Difficulty.30
Short RoundSurvive Round 20.15
Silence of the LambComplete the hidden objective in Cursed Lands of Lavernock.30
Speed DatingComplete the "Weird Science" objective in under four minutes.15
Stranger ThingDefeat The Stranger.30
That's RankRank a gun to max level.15
The LambyrinthEscort all Lambs in under five minutes.15
What's Dead Should Stay DeadComplete the hidden objective in Sewers of the Dead.30