Mech Armada (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
999Defeated a Fog Creature by depleting its health.30
A Thousand FlavorsDefeated every monster type at least once (except bosses and fog)30
All Bark No BiteNeutralized a Hopper from at least 2 tiles away.15
Back to BasicsWon a run using only tutorial parts.30
Bad BreathWon the Hammerhead boss fight.25
Been There Done ThatSpawned every part at least once.50
Bursting With EnergyCollected 1000 Energy Points.15
Can't Touch ThisIncreased the Defender body armor by 12.15
Cloudy With a Chance of RocksWon the Behemoth boss fight.20
Creepy CrawliesWon the Spider Queen boss fight.25
Everybody Gets a BombHit at least 6 monsters with a single attack.15
From the ShadowsHit a monster from range eight or more with a single-target weapon.15
Full ArsenalUnlocked every part.15
Fully ExpandedCollected every Expansion at least once.50
Game's Too EasyWon a Challenge 12 run.70
Gas Gas GasSpent eleven movement points or more in a single move.15
Give Humanity HopeDefeated the cause of the invasion.50
Goliath DownWon the Goliath boss fight.15
Got Sand in My EyeWon the Sandworm boss fight.30
Green And MeanWon the Basilisk boss fight.25
He Ran Into My Knife 10 TimesWon a boss fight using only Tiles, Landmines and/or Airstrikes.30
HoarderWon a run without spending any credits on new parts.30
I Like RoguelikesWon a run with no Improvements.30
It's Hot In HereWon the Dragon boss fight.30
Let There Be LightReturned to the base with a special weapon.50
Let's Get Crackin'Won the Quake boss fight.15
Meta MinerCollected Meta-Energy with a Landmine.15
Mines Are Mechs TooHad a Teleporter swap places with a Landmine.15
Now You See Me, Now You Don'tScrapped a Kamikaze body in the same turn you spawn it.15
One Man ArmyWon a run with no more than one mech in each battle.30
One of a KindWon a run with six mechs on the field and no duplicate parts.30
Ouch! That Stings!Won the Scorpion boss fight.25
Pyrrhic VictoryDefeated the Demon.50
Release the Kraken!Won the Kraken boss fight.30
Stay PutFroze a Sandworm Larva.15
Today's The DayStarted a run with Today's Part.15
Watch That TailWon the Scourge Leader boss fight.20