Marvel's Midnight Suns (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A Coven RestoredSolved the mystery of Hiram Shaw's church.10
A Growing DarknessReached maximum Dark Balance.25
A Light ExtinguishedCompleted the New York story missions.50
A Mother's GiftSolved the mystery of Lilith's Garden.50
A Shining LightReached maximum Light Balance.25
And Look Good Doing ItSpent 1500 Gloss on cosmetic options for the Hunter.25
Are You On Superlink?Gained a Friendship Level with any hero.10
Atum's CallAcquired the "Reveal" Word of Power.10
Back in Time for LunchCompleted a general mission in two turns or less.10
Big Game HunterObtained all other Midnight Suns Achievements.75
Big GunsUsed three different Legendary hero abilities in a single mission.25
Big MadCompleted the Southwest story missions.50
Cape of Many ColorsApplied a Suit palette to every Hero in a single campaign.25
Challenge AcceptedCompleted ten Mission Challenges.25
Collateral DamageKO'd four enemies with a single environmental.10
Did We Just Become Best Friends?Reached the maximum Friendship Level with any hero.25
Dream TeamKO'd a villain with a Hero Combo.10
Elemental, My Dear AgathaSolved the mystery of Agatha's Altar.10
Extracurricular ActivitiesAttended all Abbey Club meetings in a single campaign.25
Family is ForeverCompleted the Transia story missions.50
Fire Burn and Cauldron BubbleUsed Agatha's Cauldron to complete a Recipe.10
Friendship is MagicReached the maximum Team Friendship Level in the Abbey.50
Fully ArmedAcquired every Hunter ability.25
Fully OperationalBuilt every Abbey upgrade in a single campaign.25
Hunter the ExplorerFound every Haven on the Abbey Grounds in a single campaign.25
Hyppus' AidAcquired the "Purify" Word of Power.10
KKRRAKATHOOMSpent ten Heroism with a single ability.10
Kitchen SinkUsed five environmentals in a single turn.10
Lilith ReturnsCompleted the tutorial.10
Make a House a HomePurchased 10 different upgrades for the Hunter's Quarters.10
Might Need PocketsCrafted a combat item at the Item Bench.10
Needful ThingsUsed 25 combat items.10
Not a ScratchCompleted a general mission where no hero takes Health damage.25
Oshtur's GiftAcquired the "Open" Word of Power.10
Pinball WizardKO'd multiple enemies with a single Knockback 25 times.10
Quantity is QualityUsed eight hero abilities in a single turn.25
Set's FavorAcquired the "Break" Word of Power.10
Some Minor AdjustmentsApplied mods to ten different hero abilities.10
Speed KillsKO'd a villain with a Quick ability.10
Spread the PainCompleted a Daily Sparring session with every hero.10
T.H.R.E.A.T. EliminatedSurvived three turns in the THREAT Room with every hero.25
The Best GirlPetted Charlie fifteen days in a row.10
The KeymasterOpened 25 Arcane Chests.10
Trading UpRedrawn 75 cards.10
Unrequited LovePetted Ebony on four different days.10
We Have WaysInterrogated five enemies.10
Wilhelm ScreamKnockbacked two enemies into Drops in a single turn.10
Wisdom of the WoodsCollected 10 of every Reagent.10
With a Box of ScrapsCrafted a hero ability card in the Forge.10
You Absolute LegendCompleted a Midnight Sun Challenge in the Forge.10
You Have the LeadCompleted a general mission led by every hero.25