Hotel Renovator (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Aesop's fableFound all golden eggs!90
And so it beginsYou've picked a name for your hotel.30
Big fortuneFound a newspaper clipping on how grandpa Roy came about his fortune. Guess, a bit of luck helps.15
Broken heartFound a golden ring at the bottom of the pool. It looks like somebody got dumped here.30
Excellent serviceMade your first money from tips.15
Fine, I'll do it myselfDid you fix it all by yourself? It's better not to pay for something you can do yourself.15
Good startWhen you're at the bottom, the only way is up. You got your first star!30
Hotel sleuthingYou found all the lost instruments. Maybe the band will write a song in your name?20
Humble beginningsYou've rented your first five rooms, congrats!30
I think you dropped thisYou've returned the wallet. Glad to know getting rich from someone's misfortune is not your style.15
Island boyFound a postcard from a tropical island. Could this be where grandpa Roy is?15
KaboomYou've used the dynamite for the first time. Don't try this at home.15
King of hospitalityOccupancy limit reached! You've rented every room in your hotel.90
Let there be lightYou brought the power back to your hotel.15
Love is in the airYou found a picture of grandpa Roy and his love interest.15
MementoYou found a bellboy uniform. It looks like it belonged to grandpa Roy.15
Moving upYou've unlocked the second star! Keep up the good work.30
Nearly thereThere's no stopping you, is there? The fourth star unlocked!90
No need to call anyoneYou busted the ghost! Is there anything that you can't do?30
No pressureFound a letter from grandpa. Let's make him proud and restore the hotel.20
ReunitedNothing can stand in the way of true love! You've finished the main story quest.90
Roll with itWow, you've beaten the hen in a game of dice. What an achievement.30
Soulmate?They say that it's not a coincidence when you keep running into someone.20
Still more work aheadYou're making a name for yourself. You unlocked the third star.30
Top spot in townYour hotel is now the talk of the town! You've finished the Splendor and Glory quest.100
UnstoppableYou've unlocked every skill, almighty one.15
You're a starFith star unlocked! How does it feel to own a 5-star hotel?90