Hobo: Tough Life


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Am I Still Homeless?Have a kitchen, a toilet, a shower and a laundry in your build inventory.15
Busy BeeFinish thirty job opportunities.15
Click, click, popUnlock hundred locks.15
Cold Wake-Up CallWake up from your sleep due to being too cold.15
David and GoliathDefeat Kroll.15
Deal with the DevilDress like a fan of the most hardcore music genre.15
Dung BeetleTouch 500 shrapnels.15
Easy MoneyFinish your first job opportunity.15
Excuse me...Talk to a passerby for the first time.15
FighterWin your first battle.15
Finders KeepersUncover a spectacular find for the first time.15
Five-finger DiscountSteal hundred items from the passersby.15
Four of a KindUnlock all playable characters.15
HandymanCraft an item for the first time.15
Highway to HellPerform your first occult ritual.15
Humble BeginningsPlace an item into your hideout for the first time.15
I've Been WorseHave all the negative conditions active at the same time.15
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.Survive the first season.15
InfluencerReach trust 100 with ten different NPCs.25
Is This Even Legal?Craft a weapon from a garden gnome.15
Let There Be Warmth!Light a fire for the first time.15
Living LargeLevel up hideout equipment ten times.15
Lock WhispererUnlock 500 locks.15
Long Live the King!Become the hobo king.50
Man's Best FriendSave a dog from being eaten.15
Master MaterialSurvive one season in a hardcore mode.50
Master of All TradesAchieve mastery in all of your skills. (Across multiple worlds)25
Model CitizenReach maximum renown with the police.15
My Name Is M. Q. KlingerDress like a woman.15
One more time... for good luckGo through the same shrapnel three times in a row.15
Rags to RichesGet 5000 crowns through begging.15
Renaissance ManLearn all available perks. (Across multiple worlds)25
Rock BottomHave all three addictions active at the same time.15
SamaritanComplete thirty favors.15
Shhhh... It HappensLet it all go in your pants.15
Snake Oil PeddlerSell hundred items to passersby.15
Snow White and Seven DwarvesHave seven garden gnomes in your inventory at the same time.15
Street WarriorDefeat fifty thugs.15
Tables Have TurnedDefeat a thug.15
Take Pity...Get thousand crowns through begging.15
The CleanerMake sure there's peace around the train station... for good.15
The DealerHelp Moiser move his goods.15
The EnforcerIs this the beginning of a new mafia?15
The Good GuyBe allowed entry into the Fort.15
The GuzzlerBecome one of the initiates.15
The LeaderProve Baron your loyalty... or not.15
The Legend of PraslavEarn all the other achievements.50
The SaintSolve the robbery at the church of St. Maurice.15
The ThiefRise from an accomplice to a culprit.15
The Witching HourCumulatively sleep for one hour outside of your hideouts.15
Time to Get DirtyTouch hundred shrapnels.15
Tired of WalkingUse the public transport for the first time.15
Urban ExplorerUncover all points of interest. (Across multiple worlds)25
What's Yours Is MineSteal 500 items from the passersby.15
Wolf of Wenceslas StreetSell 500 items to passersby.15
You're Playing the Wrong GameReach the score of 100 on the arcade machine.15
ZoologistHave three different kinds of dead animals in the inventory at the same time.15