Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A fine additionComplete your sword collection.20
About AdamCollect all the audiologs.20
Can't run, can't hideKill 5 enemies with your special abilities, while they are protected by a Beacon Shield.30
Control freakForce enemies to kill 4 of their allies using Overlord.30
Dead in the airKill 3 Sluggers using Blink, while they are in the air.15
Finish lineFinish line.60
GR Project CompleteObtain all the other achievements.50
Hit me if you canBlock Warden's attack 5 times in a row.60
HomerunnerKill an enemy with a projectile reflected by Tempest.15
I call it luckBlock 5 projectiles in a row using your sword.30
Improvise, adapt, overrunKill a sniper without getting near him.30
JunkrunnerCollect every single collectible item in the game.60
LongrunnerRun 42 kilometers.15
More than humanKill 23 enemies in a row without dying.30
One man's trashCollect all the story items.20
Out of orderDecomission Tom.30
PerfectionUnlock your full potential!30
Pre-empative strikeKill a Splitter before it manages to split itself.15
Push it to the limitFill up GR-SCP so that there are no empty slots left.15
R is for RunningComplete a level without dying.60
Running wildUse dash, wallrun, slide and gap jammer within X seconds.30
StrikeKill 3 enemies at once witah a falling Drone.15
Sword RunnerKill 5 enemies within 10 seconds using just your sword.30
Sword to a gunfightKill 30 enemies with projectiles reflected using your sword (Reflect module required)30
Triple AKill 3 enemies with a single use of Blink.30
Unstoppable forceKill 3 enemies with a single use of Tempest.30
Upgrades not mandatoryKill 10 enemies in a row without using Sensory Boost.20
WallrunnerKill 74 enemies right after jumping off a wall.15
Wave of mutilationKill 3 enemies with a single use of Surge.30
Where are my Keys?Kill X enemies.15
Why not bothUse 2 different special abilities within 10 seconds.30