Frontier Pilot Simulator (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
CapitalEarn 50 000 credits.40
Clink of creditsEarn 250 000 credits.40
CrunchyTo hell and back.40
First contact???80
Flight schoolFinish the tutorial.40
Flying batteryMeet the stormfront.40
Full houseBuy all ships.40
Gear BryllsCollect 6 different biosamples from the ground.40
GliderSuccessfully landed with inoperative engines.80
Grand CanyonHelp build Canyon-Central to the maximum stage.40
Guardian AngelUse repair drone services.40
Hard landingTo land with broken chassis.80
Higher!Reach an altitude of 5000 m.40
Lets fly!Reach an altitude of 4000 m.40
MillionaireEarn 1 000 000 credits.40
My personal birdBuy your first ship.40
Nearly zero gravityReach an altitude of 6000 m. How did u do that?!40
Pimp my flightOne last thing to do is monitor.40
SurvivorAre you a hero or villain?40
Take a showerFly over a geyzer.40
Taxi DriverDeliver 25 normal passengers.40
TitanLoad and raise 19 ton+ cargo.40