Dad's Monster House (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Close CallPrepare the antidote at the spot and save Papa.50
Flower SenderGive Milo a flower.50
Found ya!Discover Blackie in all of her resting locations.50
Fully PreparedPrepare the antidote before saving Papa.50
Game ChampComplete the game on the game console in as few steps as possible.50
Great ScholarFind all scientists.50
Happy SistersGive the Woody Sisters the right hat.50
InquisitiveFind the insect hiding in the plant.50
Kind GestureHelp the dough man have a hot bath.50
Kind SoulHeal the monster's tentacle.50
Lovely MemoryFind all photos from the past.50
Machine LanguageFind the binary converter.50
No FinesseGive the Woody Sisters the wrong hat.50
Onion PersonHelp the onion person Oniona repair the water pump.50
Papa's DiaryCollect all diary entries.50
PharmacistSuccessfully concoct the antidote.50
Sad StoryFail to save Papa.50
Save RobotoHelp Roboto the robot apply machine oil.50
Secret FinderDiscover the digits on Blackie's necklace.50
Secret RoomCrack the password to the secret bookshelf door.50
Unsettling Phone CallReceive Papa's phone call and head to the Monster House.0