BigChick (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
100%Finished 40 levels.200
111 happy chicks111 happy chicks were saved.100
25%Finished 10 levels.100
333 cheerful chicks333 cheerful chicks were saved.100
50%Finished 20 levels.200
555 funny chicks555 funny chicks were saved.200
75%Finish 30 levels.200
777 lucky chicks777 lucky chicks were saved.200
Big Bad WolfDefeated 10 wolves.200
Big EggsNow you've got Big Eggs.200
Do a Barrel Roll!You have stunned 10 foxes.100
FishermanYou have stunned 10 catfishs.100
HerbicideDefeated 10 plants.200
Knight of the dayYou have saved all nestlings from a day island.100
Muad'DibYou have stunned 10 worms.100
Only the landMake the mounds all over the sea.100
Only the seaNo land tiles.100
Pop! Pop! Pop!Popped 10 acid bubbles.200
The Barn or There and Back AgainYou have transformed barns 10 times.100
The lost hopeYou have escorted a lost nestling to the Barn.100
The safe nightYou have saved all nestlings from a night island.100