Beast Inside, The (Xbox Series X)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Agent H.Find all Harold's notes.25
Avid readerCollect ten notes as Nicolas.10
Awakening the BeastChoice No. 2.25
BookwormCollect all notes as Adam.10
Boy with the matchesCollect 50 boxes of matches.10
Breaking with the pastChoice No. 1.25
Citizen of BlackstoneUnlock all achievements.200
Closed wardEnding No. 1.20
CodebreakerSolve the Enigma.30
Cold BastardDefeat Walter Gilman.70
Eagle EyeFind ten hidden messages.10
EruditeCollect all notes as Nicolas.10
Full tankCollect fifty bottles of kerosene.10
GhostbusterChase away Norton's Ghost 10 times in the woods.70
Gonzo journalistCollect all newspaper clippings.25
HousekeepingFind the Key to the Attic.10
LibrarianCollect ten notes as Adam.10
Long Arm of JusticeDefeat John Norton.70
MothLight 30 candles.10
NewsflashHear every news message on the radio.70
No noiseShoot down all anomalies.70
No secretsFind all hidden messages.70
SparrowEnding No. 3.20
SpycraftEnding No. 2.20
The End of MadnessEnding No. 4.20
The True BeastFinish the game.70
Where it all beginsComplete Chapter 1.10