Ziggy (Xbox One)


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
10 CheckpointsPassed by 10 checkpoints.100
Die 10Died 10 times.30
Die 20Died 20 times.80
Die 30Died 30 times.90
Die to all forest trapsDied at least once to every trap in the forest.100
Die to arrowsDied 5 times to arrows.20
Die to spikesDied 5 times to spikes.20
Finish Level 10Level 10 completed.35
Finish Level 12Level 12 completed.35
Finish Level 14Level 14 completed.35
Finish Level 18Level 18 completed.35
Finish Level 20Level 20 completed.40
Finish Level 2Level 2 completed.20
Finish Level 3Level 3 completed.20
Finish Level 4Level 4 completed.20
Finish Level 5Level 5 completed.30
Finish Level 6Level 6 completed.30
Finish Level 8Level 8 completed.35
Finish Level 9Level 9 completed.35
Finish level 16Level 16 completed.35
Finish level 1Level 1 completed.20
Finish level 7Level 7 completed.35
Without CheckpointsLevel completed that had Checkpoint without activating any one.100