Ys Origin


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A Hard SuccessFinish the game in Hard difficulty with any character35
A fighting victoryFinish the game with Yunica in Normal mode or harder35
Arena MasterComplete all 6 levels of Arena Mode in Nightmare difficulty80
EncyclopedistFill in all the data entries in the monster journal35
Fully blessedPurchase all the blessings with any character35
Hardly a fightFinish the game on Very Easy difficulty with any character15
I've got the power!Reach the maximum level with any character35
Magically overFinish the game with Hugo in Normal mode or harder35
Mass murdererKill 10.000 enemies35
Nice runFinish the game on Easy difficulty with any character15
ShoplifterPurchase everything available in the Bonus Shop60
Shopping timeBuy your first upgrade15
Taking care of the RoosGive a Roda Fruit to all of the Roos in the tower with any character35
The Nightmare is overFinish the game in Nightmare difficulty with any character100
The Perfect EquipmentUpgrade each piece of equipment to the maximum level of any character15
Three ways of being a heroFinish the game on any difficulty with the 3 characters50
True heroes never dieFinish the game in Normal, Hard or Nightmare difficulty with any character without dying70
Using all the magicUpgrade every magic attack to the maximum level of any character15
You're the BossComplete Boss Rush in Nightmare difficulty100