Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Almost Untouchable (60 points)All Shield Upgrades.
An apple a day keeps the monsters at bay (15 points)All HP Upgrades!
Breaking and Entering (15 points)First missing key used.
Champion of the People (15 points)Cleared the Pica Pica Coliseum.
Deep Pockets (15 points)Your First Bribe.
Employee of the Month! (100 points)Unlock all achievements.
Enough for a rave! (15 points)Half Music Cassettes.
Good for your health (15 points)First HP Upgrade!
Greatness Achieved! (60 points)All weapon Upgrades!
Halfway there (15 points)Half weapon Upgrades!
Key Finding Master (60 points)All missing keys used.
One Small Step (15 points)First weapon Upgrade!
Pop it in! (15 points)First Music Cassette.
Ready for Round 2 (15 points)First Shield Upgrade.
Sweet Experience Points (15 points)Killed your First Enemy in Combat.
Too many tunes (60 points)All Music Cassettes.
You're looking healthy (15 points)Half HP Upgrades!
A Call to Arms (15 points)Recruited The Baron.
A Journeys End (15 points)Defeated ???
A Rival Defeated! (15 points)Defeated The Grey Kid.
Bearer of Good News (30 points)Eased a Fathers Mind.
Don Salserissimo Defeated! (15 points)Defeated El Salserissimo.
Heroes and Villains (15 points)Finish the Intro.
Honorary Bro! (15 points)Completed the Bros Quest.
Logs.txt (30 points)Read all Robot Text Logs.
Love Reunited (15 points)Recruited the Moth Queen.
Masked Kid on Ice (15 points)Won the Ice Skating Competition.
Moth Queen Defeated! (15 points)Defeated The Moth Queen, Alexandria II.
Red Hot Collection (30 points)Complete Jilani'snPepper Collection.
Sir Mix-a-Lot (15 points)You gave Blobber his favorite drink.
Stage can't handle you (15 points)Night Theater.
Sunset Stroller (30 points)Found the Hidden Treasure of the beach.
The King of Darkness Defeated! (15 points)Defeated Mr. Stitches.
The Language of Money (15 points)Bribed 20 Enemies.
The Phantom Baron Defeated! (15 points)Defeated Baron van Gregory.
The Sign said: DO NOT TOUCH! (15 points)A tree full of beer.
The Underhero (15 points)The End of The World.
This will BURN! (15 points)Cook the spiciest salsa.
Too fast for the Naked Eye (15 points)Won the Ant's Gang Race.
Truth and Lies (15 points)The Show must go on.
Will over Science! (15 points)Defeated T. Bur.
Worst Employee Ever (15 points)Killed 20 Enemies.
You have changed (30 points)Spared the Masked Children in Heroes Road.
You're not old enough (15 points)Made your first drink.