Tour De France 2016

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Agent (90 points)Unlock all sponsors.
Antechamber (15 points)Take part in the Critérium du Dauphiné in Pro Team.
At the top (90 points)Unlock all descents in Challenge mode.
Attack! (15 points)Attack during a stage.
Baptism of fire (20 points)Finish a stage.
Cautious (15 points)Beat a bronze time in Challenge mode.
Climber (30 points)Win a mountain stage (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Critérium (30 points)Win the Critérium International in Tour mode (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Dare-devil (15 points)Beat a silver time in Challenge mode.
Dauphiné (30 points)Win the Critérium du Dauphiné in Tour mode (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Flashed (15 points)Reach 100km / h in Challenge mode.
Hothead (30 points)Beat a gold time in Challenge mode.
I gave everything! (30 points)Win a stage using the bike throw (minimum "Professional" difficulty).
Into legend (90 points)Win the Tour de France 2016 in Tour mode ("Champion" difficulty).
Leader (15 points)Give an instruction to a team member.
Legendary (90 points)Win the Tour de France in Pro Team (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Like clockwork (15 points)Achieve a stage objective.
Manager (15 points)Create a Pro Team.
Mission accomplished! (30 points)Achieve a team mission.
Pacesetter (15 points)Relay at the front of the peloton.
Poser (15 points)Breakaway for, at least, 10 kilometres.
Prud'homme (15 points)Create a race in My Tour.
Puncher (30 points)Win a hilly stage (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Ready! (15 points)Finish all training sessions.
Revelation (30 points)Win a stage with a rider without specialisation (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Rouleur (30 points)Win an individual time-trial (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Sponsoring (15 points)Unlock a sponsor.
Sprinter (30 points)Win a flat stage (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Tactician (20 points)Give a group instruction to team members.
The wheels start turning (15 points)Finish the first training session.
Tom Thumb (30 points)Take part in the Tour de France in Pro Team.
Unexpected (30 points)Win a stage with a negative race-day condition (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
Young hopeful (30 points)Win a stage with a youth rider, under 25 years of age, (minimum "Professional" difficulty).