Tinykin (Xbox One)


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A Light Shining in DarknessLight up the dung beetles' lamp in Balnea.15
Amateur LibrarianPut back all the books on the messy shelves in Celerion.15
Animal Vegetable CannibalSteal the pollen from the voracious plant in Transidor.15
Big Wheel Keeps On TurningGet the big wheel spinning in Celerion.15
Bottling UpHelp Sikaru prepare his first brew.15
Breaker of ChainsLiberate the funnel from Offrocker in Foliana.30
Breaking the IceBreak the biggest ice cube in Ambrose.15
Bubble NegotiatorGet the party started in Balnea for Partipupa.30
But... why?Mistreat the house's inhabitants hundred times.15
Detective MiloUnlock the safe upstairs in Transidor.30
Employee of the MonthPost every letter in the house.15
First-Class MailPost every letter in a room.30
Forager Passing ThroughCollect all the pollen in Transidor.30
Frantic ForagerCollect all the pollen in Celerion.30
Freelance CatererPrepare Ardwin's Cake for Seross in Ambrose.30
Get The Clock TickingFix the giant clock upstairs in Transidor.15
Gotta Catch 'em All!Make friends with all the tinykin in the house.30
Green ThumbBe lunch for a carnivorous plant.15
Honorary PaladinLet Ardwin's Canticle ring out across Sanctar.30
How does it smell?Give Sanctar's sphinx its nose back.15
Hungry ForagerCollect all the pollen in Ambrose.30
It Belongs in a Museum!Find one of the artefacts stolen from Prattle's museum.15
Legendary CollectionFind all the artefacts stolen from Prattle's museum.30
Master BrewerHelp Sikaru with all his brews.30
MatryoshkaputBreak the damaged Matryoshka doll upstairs in Transidor.15
Melodic ForagerCollect all the pollen in Sanctar.30
Miraculous ReflexesSurvive a fatal fall in extremis.15
NightlightLight all the candles in a room.15
NosediveReposition the nose on the fountain in Foliana.15
Party ForagerCollect all the pollen in Balnea.30
PyromaniacLight all the candles in the house.30
Resolute AssistantFree the passage under the stairs in Transidor for Ridmi.30
RibbitRebuild the frog in Sanctar.15
RoadrunnerHelp Wolter organize the race in Celerion.30
Salvior ArdwinGo back to Aegis with Salvior Ardwin.100
SniperHatch a tinykin egg using another tinykin.15
Super Milo Bros.Empty the sink in Ambrose.15
Swim like a StoneAvoid drowning in extremis.15
Tax FraudSneak into the pantry in Ambrose.15
The Friendly GhostTalk to Ghasper in each room.15
The Milo ShowGet behind the scenes in the house.15
When My Heart Goes BoomDestroy hundred objects with explosive tinykin.15
Wild ForagerCollect all the pollen in Foliana.30