S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky (Xbox One)


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
AWOLHelp Semyon Lambee.15
All the money in the ZoneSell goods for more than 250 000.30
Artifact sommelierFind each artifact in the Zone.30
AvengerLiquidate machine gunner at military block post.15
Boss HelicopterKill Boss Helicopter at Limansk hospital.15
Decent startFind the stash with valuable habar at swamps.15
Drag and sellSell goods for more than 100 000.15
Explosions magnetBe killed by grenades 20 times.15
Forever alonerFinish the game without joining any faction after leaving the Swamps.30
Friend for an hourBe supported by and gain maximum reputation with 3 or more factions.90
Garbage HegemonHelp Free stalkers or Bandits to be victorious in their conflict.30
Genesis floodLet water run to the undergrounds, kill mutants and return alive.15
Gun BaronFind all unique weapons.15
GunsmithUpgrade 5 different weapons to maximum.30
I am machineEnhance your maximum weight capacity by 60 kilograms.30
In socks aloneWhen dived into that very basement with empty pockets.15
Junior foresterMeet Forester and return him what is lost.15
Know thyselfAssist Hermit and finish his quest in Undergrounds.15
Life of the partyFind the forgotten guitar.15
Lucky son of a gunFinish the game on Stalker difficulty.30
Meat constructorYou found all "meat" artifacts. Abomination, but useful to survive in the Zone!15
Mock of a stalkerDie from 5 different anomalies.15
ModifierYou found 18 flash drives. Use them wisely.30
Mom, I'm going to the ZoneFinish the game on Novice difficulty.15
New old friendGo through the military Cordon and speak to Sidorovich for the first time.15
One of usJoin any faction after leaving the Swamps.15
Overloaded but not overcameWalk 10 kilometers with overload.15
PseudoFlashDrink 100 energy drinks.15
Pub crawlMeet all barmen in the Zone.15
Relics of the pastFind the time machine in Limansk.15
See the Clear SkyFinish S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky on any difficulty level.40
Stalker with a scarFinish the game on Veteran or Master difficulty.90
StalkerstrikeKill 50 enemies with headshot.30
StashfinderFind and steal items from back of the Suslov shop in marshes.30
Swamp LordJoin "Clear Sky" faction and defeat Renegades.30
Taxi!Use guide service 10 times.15
The SaviorHelp Vasyan to repel the attack of dogs and climb down the stone.15
The lost cityEnter the secret city, Limansk.15
The question of IdeologyMake the choice between Freedom and Duty and help your faction to defeat their rivals.30
The true StalkerVisit all in-game locations.15
To those who hear usClimb high and listen to the full version of radio message.15
Trophy HunterFind the trophy AKM-47/2.15
Who are you without a duct tape?Use the service of all Zone technicians.15