S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Prypiat (Xbox One)


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A Friend of DutyProvide plenty of help to Duty, and earn the respect of Duty fighters.15
A Friend of FreedomProvide plenty of help to Freedom, and earn the respect of Freedom.15
A Friend of StalkersHelp stalkers in trouble and you will have allies in the stalker brotherhood who will help you too.30
A Keeper of SecretsKeep notes from Strelok's group's stashes until you find their rightful owner.30
A Man of BalanceDo not side with either faction, and always act as a free stalker.15
A Wealthy ClientYour wealth is considerable, and traders value a client of your stature.15
Agent F-1Kill 100 enemies with hand grenades.15
Alpha predatorYou killed 300 mutants - the Zone is a safer place, at least for a while.15
ArklessMeet Noah.15
Artifact HunterFind every type of artifact known to Zone researchers.30
BossHelp Sultan outmaneuver the stalkers and take Beard's business under your control.15
Coffee reactorYou drank 100 energy drinks. The Zone is too big to be slow.15
Courier of JusticeBring the scumbag to justice. Magpie cheated and deceived many a stalker, now his time has come.15
DetectiveUncover the secret behind stalker disappearances at Skadovsk.30
DetectortiveFind at least one artifact with the help of each detector.15
DiplomatSolve problems peacefully.30
EvacuationComplete the game by evacuating on a helicopter.15
Forgotten pathsGather the squad and go to overpass.15
GhostbusterKill three poltergeists.15
Gifts of natureFind legendary Heart of the Oasis.15
Hi-Tech ExpertGet Nitro tools a Zone technician could dream of.15
Imperfect plansFrisk all Stingray helicopters.15
Intelligence agentFinish the game on Stalker difficulty.30
Irresistable callComplete S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.40
It's all fakeFinish the game on Novice difficulty.15
Item 62Find the weapon of future.15
LeaderPut a great squad together and prove you're a leader.30
LibrarianGet all documents in Lab X-8.15
Marked by the ZoneManage to survive an emission without taking cover thanks to the anabiotic pills.30
Mirone, is it you?Find Mirone.15
Mutant HunterDo not avoid dangerous mutants. Good hunters are held in high esteem among stalkers.15
Natural disasterSimultaneously equip Snowflake, Flame, Stone flower and Moonlight.15
Old acquaintanceMeet Petruha and help him get out of the anomaly.15
One of OursShow the bandits and their leader, Sultan, who's boss.15
PinocchioListen to all Filnt's stories.15
PioneerResearch the most recent developments of anomalies in the Zone.30
PurgatoryEnter Laundromat for the first time.15
Research AssistantWork with the scientists for so long that you could rightfully be called a research assistant.30
Seasoned StalkerYou have been to virtually all locations near the center of the Zone.30
Stalker by bloodComplete the game and decide to stay in the Zone.15
The Zone will remember usFinish the game on Veteran or Master difficulty.90
Trafficker of InformationHave your own profit in mind when selling information to those who need it.15
Train to YanovEnter Yanov for the first time.15
Under every rockFind and acquire items from every stash in Zaton which contains any weapon.30
UnsinkableEnter Skadovsk for the first time.15
Weapon Systems ExpertGet Cardan has all the tools he'll ever need.15
Well-timed backupSave all stalkers from Kovalsky group during the final evacuation.30