Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A Guardian ForgottenAwaken the Spirit of the North.15
Ancient HistoryFind and light all 8 types of carved Ancient Murals.80
AwakenAwaken 5 Shaman Spirits.15
Best FriendsCause the Wisp chirp 100 times.15
Blooms of LightCollect 25 Spirit Bloom.30
EradicateDestroy 3 Plague Tethers.15
FetchCarry a Shaman Staff for 3 minutes.10
Fox? Or Flying Squirrel?Stay airborne for more than 8 seconds using jump-gates or geysers.30
Foxin' AroundStand still for 3 minutes.15
Garden of LightCollect 50 Spirit Bloom.90
Infused with LightBecome Infused with Pure Ancient Energy.15
Kindred SpiritsLocate and greet all Spirits in the Spirit World.90
Match MakerMatch 12 sets of Revolving Matching Glyphs.30
None ForgottenAwaken all 28 Shaman Spirits.90
Northern LightsFill the night sky with Aurora Borealis.90
Old CompanionAwaken 12 Shaman Spirits.30
Plague DoctorDestroy 18 Plague Tethers.90
Spirit BarkUnlock Spirit Bark Ability.}30
Spirit DashUnlock Spirit Dash Ability.30
Spirit FormUnlock Spirit Form Ability.30
Spirited AwayMake it out of the Spirit World.30
Uprooting DarknessDestroy 8 Plague Tethers.30
WeightlessWhile in Spirit Form; step on a pressure plate, an unstable platform, and walk on water.10
Written In StoneInfuse 30 Standing Stones.90