SOMA (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
A New You (105 points)Changed body at Omicron.
Answering the Call (55 points)Talked to Catherine Chun.
Chasing Catherine (105 points)Discovered Lambda.
Endangered Species (105 points)Met the last person left alive.
Killed the Dream I Dreamed (105 points)Escaped Theta.
Plan B (105 points)Failed at acquiring the DUNBAT.
Stranded (105 points)Crash-landed on peak Delta.
The DUNBAT (105 points)Discovered Theta.
The End (105 points)They're not us!
Your Expressway to the Stars (105 points)Reached the Omega Space Gun.