Sokobalien (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
2 FriendsA cow and a sheep were abducted at the same level.50
A New EnvironmentBackground color changed for the first time.20
Back AgainUNDO button used for the first time.30
Button PresserFirst level completed with a button.60
Cow farm10 cows abducted.70
Crate PusherFirst level completed with a crate.50
Easter BunnyLevel compelted wearing a bunny hat.60
Farm BeginnerLevel 10 completed.30
Farm KingLevel 15 completed.40
First Cow!First cow abducted.25
First Hat!First hat bought.30
First Sheep!First sheep abducted.30
Friend Of Cows5 cows abducted.40
Friend Of Sheeps5 sheeps abducted.40
GracefulFirst hat dressed on any level.30
Hatter Of Wonders10 hats bought.80
It's Worth Playing AgainAny level was played again.50
Level 1 Completed!Level 1 completed.25
Mad Hatter5 hats bought.40
My First Big FarmLevel 20 completed.100
Sheep Farm10 sheeps abducted.70
Start AgainRESTART button used for the first time.30