Party Jousting

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Bagatelle double destruction (60 points)In Bagatelle: Destroy two opponents with one ball.
Birdie (60 points)In Golf: Pick a flag-coin and enter the hole - in one strike!
Car double destruction (60 points)In Car-ball: Destroy two cars, in a quick session.
Chicken and the Egg (25 points)Crack those easter eggs!
Combo combo combo (60 points)In Match3: Gain a three-combo.
Dive bomb (60 points)In joust: Destroy an opponent with a dive bomb.
Goalie (60 points)In Car-ball: Strike the ball with the paddle.
Golf bomb (60 points)In Golf: Hit an opponent with a bomb.
Greed (60 points)In Bagatelle: Take both big coins.
Joust double destruction (60 points)In Joust: Destroy two animals, without jumping in between.
Laser laying (60 points)In Joust: Destroy a laying animal with the laser gun.
Long live You (60 points)In Bagatelle: Keep a ball alive for 20 seconds.
Marathon matcher (60 points)In Match3: Play until the time runs out.
Meatpie (25 points)Big bad ending.
Offense (60 points)In Car-ball: Score two goals without touching the walls.
Sheep's clothing (25 points)What big ears the sheep's got!
Spike dodge (60 points)In Golf: Travel through spikes, without taking damage.
Toasty (25 points)Massive ground pound.
Tripple strike (60 points)In Golf: Collect 3 flag-coins in one strike.