My Singing Monsters Playground

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
2 for 1Land a double hit in Punch a Bunch.20
25 Ways to PlayUnlock all 25 games.10
BoplessDon't get stunned in Dipster Bop.10
Can't Dodge ThisLand 8 hits in Battle Ball by yourself.25
Can't touch thisWin Without taking a hit in Molten Madness.75
Collection CompleteUnlock all Decorations.75
Dodge and WeaveWin without taking any hits in Rocket Punch.25
First PrizeGet your first prize.10
Hungry, Hungry, SnowballAbsorb everyone in Snow Rollers.25
I Had To TryPlay a gauntlet.10
I Like ApplesCollect 60 apples in Apple Grapple.10
I'm The Best!Finish 10 game tournament in 1st.10
I'm The Bestest!Finish 15 game tournament in 1st.15
I'm The Bestiest!Finish 20 game tournament in 1st.25
Is That All You Got?Reach 25 in gauntlet.50
Is There No One Else!Win a 3 v 1 game as the solo player.10
Jumps OnlyWin without moving (jumps only) in Hazardous Hurdle.50
LumberjackWin at Driftwood on hard.20
Master BouncerScore 7 bounces in Bouncin Around.10
Night LightDon't get thumped on hard in Glowbe in the Dark.20
No Bumps AllowedWin with no bumping in Color Bumper.10
OTWin Pastry Puck in Overtime.10
Off the rackTry on a Costume.10
OverachieverUnlock all Achievements.200
Passion for fashionUnlock all Costumes.100
Pure SkillWin without any boosts in Monster Rally.25
Singing Monster, Corner PocketSink a player in your hole Bank Shot.10
Slime of Your LifeCapture all players in less than 10 seconds in Tilt a Slime.25
Sooo, closeCome in second in Keep Away.10
Stunless ChampDon't get stunned in Hectic Hexes and win.10
Up, Up and Away!Reach 150 in Blast Off.75
Wrong WayGet run over in Thumpede in less than 2 seconds.10