Moonrise Fall (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Amateur Crystal Collector20 Crystals Found.40
Amateur LamplighterHalf of Shrines Lit.40
Amateur LinguistHalf of the Tablets Found.40
CartographerAll Maps Found.40
Composer/PlumberTemple Orb Obtained.40
CryptozoologistAll Creatures Photographed.40
Crystal MinerMine Orb Obtained.40
Expert LinguistAll Tablets Found.40
False FacesHalf of Mask Revealed Yes.40
Gotcha!First Creature Photographed.40
Key MasterOrb Gate Opened.40
Legendary Crystal Collector40 Crystals Found.40
LumberjackLumber Mill Orb Obtained.40
Masquerade BallAll Masks Revealed Yes.40
Novice Crystal Collector10 Crystals Found.40
Novice LamplighterFirst Shrine Lit.40
Novice LinguistFirst Tablet Found.40
Play Me A Song...Unlocked the Kalimba.40
Professional Crystal Collector30 Crystals Found.40
Professional LamplighterAll Shrines Lit.40
ShutterbugHalf of Creatures Photographed.40
The End...or the Beginning?120
Unmasking the MaskFirst Mask Revealed Yes.40