Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
All procedures are necessaryFind the Procedure.15
Am I in a movie?Run the projector.50
Appointment timeGain access to the Lawyer's office.15
BugfellasGain access to the Bugville Underworld.25
Captain PlanetSuffer the fire, water, electricity, overbearing gravity and squashing.50
Certified bugObtain the certificate.25
Elevator BugRide the sandwich.15
Holier than ThouTruly understand the Preacher.25
I'm not aloneMeet your first bug.15
JunkfoodFeed the Hunger Artist.15
Millenium BugSurvive the visit to the Tower.25
Mr. RightCommunicate to Josef his trial date.25
Proto-human beliefAll those Effigies in ruin.50
Shiver me timbers!Sail the ship.50
SpiderbugGo upside down.15
Stop bugging meUnlock all trophies.200
Survival of the strongestKill the Tiger.25
The FutureUse Roboarm.15
Wakey wakeyWake Josef up.15
Word truly holds the powerRead the letter from the Tower.15