Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Bus MoneyCollect 10 Gems10
Designated Hitter (secret)Unlock the panda25
Exorcist (secret)Exorcise the armadillo25
FlossingCollect 100 Gems50
Great! now go play something else100% completion200
Hello, Frog (secret)Unlock the frog25
Hive MindBeat a Boss in co-op10
I'm the Boss (secret)Equip boss costume50
In the FlowCollect 25 gears25
Just Being ThoroughCollect a Gem via 400 mekaballs25
Just the BeginningCollect your first gear10
Master KeyCollect 60 gears100
MekatransmogrificationAlter your appearance in the Mekapod10
MonopolistCollect all Gems200
Power ShellRecharge your shield10
Ready to Bounce (secret)Unlock the wallaby25
Replay ValueFind all secret switchers10
SynergyBeat a Level in co-op10
The Fastest, Ever!Collect all time medals10
The ImmortanCollect all Stay Alive medals10
They're No Good to Me DeadCollect all Bounty Medals10
Turn The Bird (secret)Unlock the pelican50
Walk in ClosetUnlock all platings, glows, and costumes in the Mekapod100

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