Manic Mechanics (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
20,000 LeaguesEarn 3 Cogs on all Verne's Aquapark levels.30
Amphibious FunEarn 1 Cog on all Verne's Aquapark levels.15
Auto AceRepair 300 vehicles.15
Bells and WhistlesRepair a vehicle using only premium parts.15
BenchwarmerRespawn 10 times in a single level.15
Boo-yah!Use a fire extinguisher to repel a roaming ghost in Be Our Ghost.15
ButterfingersLose a total of five fixed parts in a single level.15
City SlickerEarn 1 Cog on all Ohmar's Arcade levels.15
Complete the SetUnlock all playable characters.20
Counting SheepEarn 1 Cog on all Roz's Ranch levels.15
Death-Defying ThrowAttach a part to a vehicle while respawning.15
Defused!Complete Ohmar's Challenge without any vehicle getting electrocuted.15
Does This Count?Earn a Cog without fixing a single vehicle.20
Employee of the MonthEarn 1 Cog on all Otto's Industries levels.15
Employee of the YearEarn 3 Cogs on all Otto's Industries levels.30
FirefighterExtinguish 50 fires.15
Friction BurnSet another player on fire with the Sanding Station.15
Go Fetch!Complete Lupita's Challenge while stopping the werewolf at least six times.20
Gotta Go FastRepair a vehicle within 1 second of it arriving.20
Hands Off!Complete Betty's Challenge without any vehicle getting stolen.15
I Am SpeedEarn a Cog within the first 60 seconds of a level.20
I Am the Captain NowComplete Capt. Verne's Challenge without letting the Kraken shake any parts off vehicles.15
I'm Walkin' Here!Get hit by a bowling ball, a cow, a vehicle, and a sheep.15
Jack of All TradesRepair at least one of every vehicle part.15
Leader of the PackEarn 3 Cogs on all Banshee Bay levels.30
Manic MasterBeat at least one high score of each Manic Mechanic.40
Master MechanicComplete the main campaign.50
Mind the GapFall into fuel, paint, lava, water, and a bottomless pit.15
Monkey BusinessComplete a level with two or more players with everyone playing as monkeys.15
MotorheadRepair at least one of every vehicle type.15
New ApprenticeEarn 1 Cog on Scrapyard Shuffle.15
Now I Am the MasterBeat a Manic Mechanic's high score.15
One of UsBeat a Manic Mechanic Team high score.15
Overcharged!Earn 3 Cogs on all of Ohmar's Arcade levels.30
Parts PartyRepair 750 vehicle parts.15
Parts ProRepair 1,500 vehicle parts.30
Photo FinishRepair a vehicle with 1 second left on the clock.20
Roswell that Ends WellComplete Roz's Challenge without any player getting abducted or vaporized.15
Safety FirstComplete Otto's Challenge without any fires starting.15
ScraphappyEarn 1 Cog on all Betty's Scrapyard levels.15
Shocking BehaviorShock another player with a Charged Battery.15
Smashing PumpkinsSmash into 70 pumpkins across Octane Isle and Banshee Bay.15
Speedrun StratsEarn 3 Cogs within the first 2 minutes of a level.20
Take Me to Your LeaderGet abducted in both Maize Runner and Roz's Challenge.15
Teamwork Makes the Dream WorkComplete a level with a friend.15
That's the SpiritEarn 1 Cog on all Banshee Bay levels.15
Three Cog RoundupEarn 3 Cogs on all Roz's Ranch levels.30
Vehicle VirtuosoRepair 600 vehicles.30
Well-Oiled MachineEarn 3 Cogs on every level.50
Wrecking CrewEarn 3 Cogs on all of Betty's Scrapyard levels.30