Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A Good BeginningStart the conversation naturally in LOVE - GAME.30
A Great LoverGet the best ending in LOVE - GAME.90
A Perfect DateIn LOVE - GAME chose the perfect movie and restaurant for your date.30
Be A ListenerIn LOVE - GAME get closer to your girlfriend and properly listen to her.30
Been Through EverythingYou have cleared everything in LOVE - GAME.90
Broke UpGet the bad ending in LOVE - GAME.40
Don't Break The MoodHold hands in LOVE - GAME.15
Far MemoryDo not become friends with the new girl in LOVE - DISTANCE.30
File ClosedIn LOVE - DETECTIVE get the ending by discovering the truth.90
ForbearanceOn the discussion scene in LOVE - GAME don't insult her.15
Gourmet MasterFinish the restaurant mini-game with 11/11 in LOVE - GAME.90
Like It AllLike all her posts in LOVE - GAME.30
So Close, So FarIn LOVE - DISTANCE don't let her go.30
So Far, So CloseIn LOVE - DISTANCE let her go when the time is right.30
Stay Or Move ForwardGet the neutral ending in LOVE - GAME.90
Take BalanceFigure a way to balance the housework in LOVE - GAME.30
Thank YouDo not spoil the surprise in LOVE - DETECTIVE.90
The Queen of HouseworkDo the housework while investigating in LOVE - DETECTIVE.30
The Soul MateIn LOVE - GAME Talk about everything in your phone calls.30
Treasure In WastesFind the clue in the trash can in LOVE - DETECTIVE.90