Lotus Reverie: First Nexus


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Ace The TestGet the best results on Violet's FINAL EXAM.60
Columbine's TrustFill COLUMBINE's four hearts.30
Did You Take A Peek?Really? You didn't?10
Discover The WorldComplete all the EXPLORE scenes.20
Don't Let Your Memories PerishDIE in every possible way outside of battle.60
Gain Your EducationUnlock all of Cinque's SPELLS SLOTS.20
Gain Your StrengthUnlock all of Cinque's STYLES SLOTS.20
Get The RifleFind a way to acquire the rifle at the TRAINING GROUND without anyone finding out.50
Helio's TrustObtain HELIO's four hearts.30
Listen Your LifeUnlock all the songs of the MUSEUM.50
Recall Your KnowledgeUnlock all of Cinque's SPELLS.50
Recall Your SkillsUnlock all of Cinque's STYLES.50
ReverieGood Night.55
Rosemary's TrustObtain ROSEMARY's four hearts.30
Rue's TrustObtain RUE's four hearts.30
Solve The MysteryResolve the POWER OUTAGE investigation with all the correct answers.40
Survive The MemoriesWin the battle of the PROLOGUE scene.5
Survive The PastWin the battle of the NEXUS scene.10
SurviveFinish the game.40
Thistle's TrustObtain THISTLE's four hearts.30
Violet's TrustObtain VIOLET's four hearts.30
Visualize Your LifeUnlock all the images of the MUSEUM.50
Who Is Who?Guess properly who is tulpa in the SHARING SECRETS scene and find out if you were right later.40