LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Cheat Codes

Pause game play, select the "Extras" option, then enter one of the following passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Avenging Cycle5T3CQU
Black CatP9OWL0
Captain America (Classic)7HWU4L
Howard the DuckJ58RSS
Hydra SoldierB7AA3K
Iron Man (Mark 17 "Heart Breaker")2NGSRZ
Iron Man (Mark 38 "Hulkbuster")CK7SDS
Iron PatriotQ5X1J5
Pumpkin Chopper35E41W
SHIELD Staff CarD5B7O3
Spider BikeSH9MZQ
Spider-Man (Future Foundation)WFOZXQ
Studs x2UZFBG4
Thor 2014H8CSE6
War MachineTQ4C57
Wolverine (with hood "cowl")OAW2LB

Easy "Alter Ego" achievement

Transform the following characters: The Hulk, Lizard, Stan Lee, Red Hulk, and Venom to get the "Alter Ego" achievement.

Easy "Avengers Assemble" achievement

Unlock and purchase the following characters: The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Iron Man Mark 1, Iron Man Mark 6, Iron Man Mark 7, Iron Man Mark 42, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, and Maria Hill to get the "Avengers Assemble" achievement.

Easy "Bad Luck?" achievement

Black Cat is found near the "Lady Liberty" marker on the map in Free Roam mode. There will be a neon cat sign on the corner. Solve the puzzle to enter the building to find her character token. She can then be purchased for 150,000 studs.

Easy "Billionaire Philanthropist" achievement

The effect of the stud multiplier bricks is cumulative. Find and use all the Deadpool multiplier bricks to get a multiplier over x3000 and get the "Billionaire Philanthropist" achievement.

Easy "Brotherhood" achievement

Unlock and purchase the following characters: Blob, Juggernaut, Magneto, Magneto Acolyte, Mastermind, Mystique, Pyro, Sabretooth, Toad to get the "Brotherhood" achievement.

Easy "Don't I Know You?" achievement

Play with a friend in local co-op mode. Have one player be Captain America and the other be the Human Torch to get the "Don't I Know You?" achievement. Note: Human Torch is unlocked by completing the "Red Head Detention" Level 6 mission. Captain America is unlocked during the storyline.

Red Bricks, characters, and vehicle codes

Enter the codes from the extras option at the pause menu.

Avenging Cycle5T3CQU
Black CatP9OWL0
Captain America (Classic)7HWU4L
Classic ThorH8CSE6
Howard the DuckJ58RSS
Hydra Soldierb7aa3k
Iron Man (Mark 17 'Heart Breaker')2NGSRZ
Iron Man (Mark 38 'Hulkbuster')CK7SDS
Iron PatriotQ5X1J5
Pumpkin Chopper35E41W
SHIELD Staff CarD5B7O3
Spider BikeSH9MZQ
Spider-Man (Future Foundation)WFOZXQ
Studs x2uzfbg4
Thor 2014h8cse6
War MachineTQ4C57
Wolverine (With Hood 'Cowl')OAW2LB

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
A Doom with a View (20 points)Complete Level 14 - A Doom with a View.
Alter Ego (20 points)Perform all big LEGO figure transformations.
Avengers Assembled (50 points)Collect all Avengers characters in the game (Single Player).
Bad Luck? (20 points)Unlock Black Cat (Single Player).
Bifrosty Reception (20 points)Complete Level 7 - Bifrosty Reception.
Billionaire Philanthropist (40 points)Collect 1,000,000,000 studs (Single Player).
Brotherhood (20 points)Collect all traditionally evil mutants (Single Player).
Can't Hurt Me Bub (10 points)Regenerate as Wolverine.
Cosplay (20 points)Create a custom character.
Doctor in the House (20 points)Complete Level 9 - Doctor in the House.
Don't I Know You? (20 points)Team up Captain America with Human Torch (Co-op).
Exploratory Laboratory (20 points)Complete Level 3 - Exploratory Laboratory.
Falling... with Style (20 points)Complete first Helicarrier skydive.
Fastball Special (20 points)Perform a special throwing move as Colossus on Wolverine.
Guardians of the Galaxy (20 points)Unlock all the Guardians of the Galaxy (Single Player).
I Am Iron Man (20 points)Collect all Iron Man armors (Single Player).
I'm Always Angry! (20 points)Transform into the Hulk 50 times.
It's Clobberin' Time! (20 points)Defeat 100 enemies as the Thing.
It's Me Time! (20 points)Read a comic in Deadpool's room on the Helicarrier.
Juggernauts and Crosses (20 points)Complete Level 8 - Juggernauts and Crosses.
Magnetic Personality (20 points)Complete Level 13 - Magnetic Personality.
Menace of Magneto (20 points)Drive to the Baxter Building as Magneto in the Magneto Mobile.
Post-Credit Party (50 points)Complete House Party Protocol.
Puny God (20 points)Perform Hulk's special move on Loki.
Rapturous Rise (20 points)Complete Level 12 - Rapturous Rise.
Really? (10 points)Collect Howard the Duck (Single Player).
Rebooted, Resuited (20 points)Complete Level 5 - Rebooted, Resuited.
Red Head Detention (20 points)Complete Level 6 - Red Head Detention.
Road Rage (20 points)Destroy 100 vehicles in the Manhattan hub.
Rock up at the Lock up (20 points)Complete Level 4 - Rock up at the Lock up.
Sand Central Station (20 points)Complete Level 1 - Sand Central Station.
Sinister Six (20 points)Collect Doc Ock, Sandman, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Electro and Vulture (Single Player).
Stan's Soapbox (20 points)Turn into Stan Hulk.
Stan-tastic (30 points)Rescue Stan Lee from every peril (Single Player).
Taking Liberties (20 points)Complete Level 11 - Taking Liberties.
That Sinking Feeling (20 points)Complete Level 10 - That Sinking Feeling.
The Good, the Bad and the Hungry (20 points)Complete Level 15 - The Good, the Bad and the Hungry.
The Toast of Croydon (20 points)Create a character called "Trevor" in the character customizer.
This Is fantastic! (20 points)First time turning Mister Fantastic into a teapot.
Times Square Off (20 points)Complete Level 2 - Times Square Off.
To Me, My X-Men (20 points)Collect all traditionally heroic mutants (Single Player).
Ultimate True Believer (20 points)Unlock all True Believers (Single Player).
Welcome to Level 7 (20 points)Play as Agent Coulson.
You Win a No-Prize! (40 points)Complete game 100% (Single Player).
Zoo Believer (30 points)Unlock all animal-themed characters (Single Player).

Various Characters

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

CharacterHow to unlock
A.I.M. AgentComplete level 10 "That Sinking Feeling".
AbominationComplete level 4 "Rock up at the Lock up".
Agent CoulsonComplete the "Tabloid Tidy UP" bonus level.
Aldrich KillianComplete level 5 "Rebooted, Resuited".
Ant-ManCollect the Ant-Man token in the Industrial District.
ArchangelCollect the Archangel token south of the X-Mansion (south of giant billboard).
Arnim ZolaComplete level 6 "Red Head Detention".
BeastComplete level 8 "Juggernauts and Crosses".
BeetleCollect the Beetle token at one block east of the Central Park lake.
Black CatCollect the Black Cat token the cat pet shop directly under Lady Liberty on the map; requires Spider-Man.
Black WidowComplete level 3 "Exploratory Laboratory".
BlobCollect the Blob token after completion of the "Put Up Your Dukes" bonus level.
Captain AmericaComplete level 2 "Times Square Off".
Captain America (Comics)Complete "The Brick Apple" bonus level.
Captain BritainComplete the "The Brick Apple" bonus level.
ColossusCollect the Colossus token at the front right courtyard of the X-Mansion.
CyclopsComplete level 8 "Juggernauts and Crosses".
Damage ControlCollect the Damage Control token by putting out fires on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier deck with the water gun.
DeadpoolCollect all Deadpool Red Bricks.
Doc OckComplete level 2 "Times Square Off".
Doc Ock (Ultimate)Complete the "Tabloid Tidy UP" bonus level.
DoombotComplete level 9 "Doctor in the House".
Drax the DestroyerComplete Story mode, then complete 3 missions received from Drax.
ElectroComplete the "A Shock Withdrawal" bonus level.
Frost GiantComplete level 7 "Bifrosty Reception".
Galactus (Playable)Complete level 15 "The Good, the Bad and the Hungry".
GambitComplete three of Gambit's missions".
GamoraComplete Story mode, then complete the first missions received from Drax.
Green GoblinComplete level 9 "Doctor in the House".
GrootComplete Story mode, then complete three missions received from Groot.
H.E.R.B.I.E.Complete level 2 "Times Square Off".
HawkeyeComplete level 3 "Exploratory Laboratory".
Howard the DuckComplete the "Nuff Said" bonus level.
HulkComplete level 1 "Sand Central Station".
Human TorchComplete level 6 "Red Head Detention".
IcemanComplete level 8 "Juggernauts and Crosses".
Invisible WomanComplete level 9 "Doctor in the House".
Iron FistComplete the race mission with Blade, then win the fight with the ice enemies in the Blade mission.
Iron Man (Heroic Age)Complete the "New York Event Deadpool" bonus mission.
Iron Man (Hulkbuster)Land on "S" sign landing platform, then destroy all airvents around the "S" sign.
Iron Man MK IComplete level 5 "Rebooted, Resuited".
Iron Man MK VIComplete level 1 "Sand Central Station".
Iron Man MK VIIComplete the "House Party Protocol" bonus level.
Iron Man MK XLVIIComplete level 5 "Rebooted, Resuited".
Iron Man MK XVIIComplete the "House Party Protocol" bonus level.
Jean GreyComplete level 8 "Juggernauts and Crosses".
JuggernautComplete level 8 "Juggernauts and Crosses".
Kraven the HunterCollect the Kraven token by shooting the five targets next to Godzilla-type icon at Central Park.
LokiComplete level 15 "The Good, the Bad and the Hungry".
M.O.D.O.K.Complete level 10 "That Sinking Feeling".
MagnetoComplete level 13 "Magnetic Personality".
Maria HillComplete Maria Hill's three missions on the Helicarrier.
Mister FantasticComplete level 2 "Times Square Off".
MysterioComplete the "Thrill of the Chess" bonus level.
MystiqueComplete level 12 "Rapturous Rise".
Nick FuryComplete level 9 "Doctor in the House".
NovaComplete the foot race mission with him to the east of the Godzilla-type icon at Central Park.
Professor XavierComplete Professor Xavier's three missions behind the X-Mansion.
PsylockeComplete all Captain Britain's missions.
PyroComplete level 8 "Juggernauts and Crosses".
Red SkullComplete level 6 "Red Head Detention".
RhinoComplete level 12 "Rapturous Rise".
Rocket RaccoonComplete three missions: Garbage truck northwest of Central Park, just east of the Feeling Fisky Bonus Mission, 3 or 4 blocks south of the east coast.
Ronan the AccuserCollect the Ronan character token by finding hidden path behind the statue south of his icon.
SandmanComplete level 1 "Sand Central Station".
Silver SurferComplete three Silver Surfer missions.
Spider-ManComplete level 1 "Sand Central Station".
Spider-WomanCollect the Spider-Woman token west of the park on the southern-most part of the island.
Squirrel GirlCollect the Squirrel Girl token on the docks northwest of the "Put Up Your Dukes" bonus mission.
Stan LeeRescue all 50 Stan Lees.
Star-LordComplete three missions from Star-Lord.
StormComplete level 8 "Juggernauts and Crosses".
Symbiote ScientistComplete level 3 "Exploratory Laboratory".
The Destroyer (Playable)Complete level 7 "Bifrosty Reception".
The MandarinComplete level 5 "Rebooted, Resuited".
ThingComplete level 9 "Doctor in the House".
ThorComplete level 7 "Bifrosty Reception".
Tony StarkComplete level 5 "Rebooted, Resuited".
Tony Stark (Underwear)Complete level 4 "Rock up at the Lock up".
Union JackComplete "The Brick Apple" bonus level.
VenomComplete level 3 "Exploratory Laboratory".
WaspCollect the Wasp token one block south of the Oscorp Building".
WolverineComplete level 4 "Rock Up At The Lock up".